What Second Wind Book Do You Wish to Read? You Might Get Your Wish!


balloon2Leave a comment telling us what Second Wind book you would like to read. Five commenters, chosen at random will receive an ebook of their choice. One of the lucky winners might balloon2abbe you!

It’s our party, and we can do what we want. So besides giving away five ebooks, we are giving you a present. Click on a package to receive your surprise.

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60 responses to “What Second Wind Book Do You Wish to Read? You Might Get Your Wish!

  1. Aquilla Zerbonia

    I would love to read Yaweta. happy birthday Second Wind!! May your next twenty five years bring you more joy as you help more writer’s achieve their dream of becoming published. Write on!!

    • Lise Leveillee

      I would love to read “Daughter am I” as it sounds like a good murder mystery and I always enjoy finding out I was wrong about the ending.

  2. I am dying to read A SPARK OF HEAVENLY FIRE by Pat Bertram.

    Happy Birthday, Second Wind, and congratulations not only having the guts and determination to make your OWN dream come true, but to fulfill those of many writers.

  3. christinehusom

    I want to read all of them. So far I have read Carpet Ride, Lacey Takes a Holiday and Fate and Destiny. I have several others–can’t wait to read them all!

  4. christinehusom

    Of, and of course, I’ve read (a hundred times) my two, Murder in Winnebago County and Buried in Wolf Lake 😉

  5. jpowers

    I intend to buy “Carpet Ride” by Norm Brown if I ever feel that I will get time to sit down to read. My job seems to demand time I don’t have, but time I know I actually do have. None-the-less, I procrastinate.

  6. Happy anniversary. I’ve got a horrific backlog of books to read, but I’d like to add Staccato from Deborah Ledford to the list.

  7. Happy birthday–and many more. Pick ONE book. Well, that’s hard to do, not that I’m feeling greedy. Okay, my choice is WHITE LIES.

  8. Night and Day is next on my list – it’s a long list 🙂

  9. By the way. I enjoyed the present.

  10. Goodness, where to begin, there are so many!

    However, Staccato by Deborah J. Ledford is at the top of the list.

  11. MuchAdoAboutSomething

    OK, glad I found the right place. My choice is Lazarus Barnhill and “The Medicine People.”

  12. This is really a tough choice as there are several I’d like to read. Probably the one at the top of the list would be “Indian Summer” by Dellani Oakes.

  13. Wanda Hughes

    I’d love to read Fate and Destiny by Claire Collins. I’ve read both of Pat Bertram’s books, they’re both terrific! With so many to choose from it obviously isn’t easy to choose just one.

    Congratulations on your first Birthday!


  14. I’d like to read “Indian Summer and “School of Lies.”

  15. Jeannie Chambers

    I would like to read Daughter Am I. Sounds interesting- we have a lot of big parcels of land where I live- that have been left in wills- it’s always interesting to know what “may have” happened in the past.
    Happy Birthday- and Best Wishes for many more!

  16. I vote for “Staccato”, I wish to read this book soon!

  17. Keri Kaplan

    oooooh, how about Staccato by Deborah J. Ledford
    and a big Happy Birthday to Second Wind.

  18. Nancy Niles

    I would like to read More Deaths Than One and Staccato and Medicine People. (I can’t choose just one).

  19. Nancy Niles

    If I win choose one of those for me and Happy Birthday Second Wind

  20. I’d love to add Staccato by Deborah Ledford 🙂 Heard good things about it!!

  21. Michelle

    I would like to read Staccato.

  22. Kathleen Santangelo

    I really want to read the suspense thriller novel “Staccto”
    Happy B-book Day!

  23. Jack Patterson

    I would have to choose “Staccato”. Deborah Ledford is one of my favorite writers.

  24. Patricia Gunn

    I would love to read Staccoto.

  25. Nancy Schaut

    I would like to read Staccato.

  26. dellanioakes

    I’m guessing we Second Winders aren’t elligigle for our own contest, huh? Oh well – I love all the books I’ve read so far from Second Wind & I’m not just saying that because I’m part of this great company. All the books are high quality, entertaining, uniquely voiced stories with strong characters and plots. I want them all and eventually I will have them to enjoy over & over again.

  27. Judy Iliff

    I want to read Staccato.

  28. Barbara

    Murder in the Wind sounds like a good title. Happy second birthday and thanks for doing this. Now that I know you exist I’ll be taking a closer look.

  29. I’d like to start with More Deaths Than One by Pat Bertram because I was hooked just reading the title and the review.

  30. I would like to read MORE DEATHS THAN ONE. Because I started it on Smashwords and would really like to finish it!

  31. Again, just wishing Second Wind Publishing a blessed birthday.
    I’d love to read “Lacey Took a Holiday” by Lazarus Barnhill. My youngest granddaughter who is two is named Lacey. Currently, I’m collecting and reading Marilyn Meredith’s Tempe Crabtree Mystery Series because I have another two year old granddaughter named Tempe. I want to give them to her when she’s grown.
    First, the title of Mr. Barnhill’s book hooked me, but the bio intrigues me. The setting of 1920’s is a time when my mother was young. I’d love to read and get lost in that particular timeframe.
    Thanks so much for all you do SWP!

  32. Happy Birthday! A SPARK OF HEAVENLY FIRE by Pat Bertram sounds good!

  33. Susan K Barton

    I’d be interested in reading “More Deaths”

  34. Beth

    So many I want to read, I couldn’t possibly limit myself to one. But I did want to congratulate everyone on the anniversary. Well done. And may there be many more books and anniversaries to come.

  35. Happy birthday – and thanks for the gift – so completely enthralling, when I’m supposed to be working… but you seem to enjoy doing what you are doing, so why shouldn’t we ? all work & no play… 🙂 I’d like to read Spark of Heavenly Fire and Staccato. Congratulations on such an amazing line-up. Keep it up

  36. patty rosellini

    I have never read any of them so anyone would be good for me..thanks

  37. Shell Bryce

    Oh Happy Birthday….. I wish I could read More Deaths than One by Pat Bertram

  38. I have not had a chance to read any of your books but all your books sound great. So I would be happy with any of your books. Happy 2nd b-day and may you have 100’s more.

  39. I’d love to read Pat Bertram’s More Deaths Than One–or any of her other books. I follow her blog as often as I can and like her style. And, of course, happy birthday to Second Wind.

  40. Trish Eguen

    I would love to read A Spark of Heavenly Fire by Pat Bertram. Actually, I would love to read any of her books. Being a former high school classmate of mine I would love to read her work. This one sounds like a real page turner. I love books like that.

  41. I’m a fan of Pat Bertram’s. I’d love to get More Death’s Than One.

  42. I would love to read Loving Lydia by Amy DeTrempe

  43. Lydia Dare

    A Gentleman Never Tells by Jerrica Knight-Catania

  44. Gail

    I would like to win A Gentleman Never Tells by Jerrica Knight Catania. I have heard so many good things about this exciting new author. I can’t wait to read it.

  45. Azeddine

    I would like to win Amy de Trempe’s Pure is the Heart. I loved her first book, Loving Lydia, and I can’t wait to see what she’s writing next.

  46. mirilian

    ooh Loving Lydia by Amy de Trempe is my pick. Can I vote for that one! :o)

  47. Michelle Rooney

    I would love to read “A Gentleman Never Tells”. I love Regency and I’m very excited to read this new author.

  48. A Gentleman Never Tell’s looks promising! Sign me up!

  49. Happy Birthday! I am excited to learn more about your publishing company. I am almost 48k words into my first novel!

    I would love to read “Lacey Took a Holiday”; and if I win the book, I’ll get to do it!

  50. Jen

    I would love to read Staccato by Deb Leford.

  51. More Deaths than One looks interesting.

  52. I think The Medicine People by Lazarus Barnhill looks fascinating. Thanks!

  53. Mo Pigeon

    CONGRATULATIONS ON THE “SECOND” YEAR OF “WIND” TO SECOND WIND PUBLISHING! Bravo, for starting this company! Bravo, for having the courage to follow it through and make the dream become a reality! Bravo, for never giving up hope! Bravo, for creating a large space for writers to flow into and create and bring into fruition their own dreams! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’d like to read DAUGHTER I AM, by Pat Bertram. I like her clean writing on this site! It is good luck to EAT CAKE on such an wonderful birthday! I lift a chocolate piece to YOU, and say, “cheers!” As you enter your third year, remember the words of Canadian suffragist, Nellie Mc Lung who stood for the women’s vote: NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER GIVE IN! JUST GET THE THING DONE, AND LET ‘EM HOWL!!! Have a HOWL on your second, Second! Mo Pigeon. wink!

  54. Thank you all for helping us celebrate our first birthday! That we made it this far is due to our loyal readers.

    The winners of the ebooks are:

    A.F. Stewart: Staccato

    Patricia Gunn: Staccato

    Other Lisa: More Deaths Than One

    Melissa Dawn Harte: A Gentleman Never Tells

    Lily: Lacey Took a Holiday

  55. Betty Gelean

    Loved the present, it was fun! Congratulations on your birthday.
    So many choices! I have got it down to 1 of 4 so I think I’ll choose…”More Deaths Than One”, even the title and synopsis grabs me!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

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  58. f5ebTj Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

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