The End Is Near – by Deborah J Ledford

So we’re coming up on the end of 2009 and I’ve been going down the list of everything to be grateful for.

First and foremost, professionally, is that my debut suspense thriller Staccato was picked up and published by Second Wind Publishing. This has been a decade-old dream and I am so proud of the finished product.

Three short stories were acquired for publication as well. The literary short “Sighted Brother” now appears in the Gulf Coast Writers Association anthology “Sweet Tea and Afternoon Tales,” my one and only humorous story “A Christmas Tail” was published by the Sisters in Crime chapter Desert Sleuths for their anthology “How NOT to Survive the Holidays,” and “The Spot” will soon be featured in the Second Wind Publishing anthology “Mystery on the Wind.”

Most of all, I am grateful for all the readers who have found my work, the reviewers who have showered Staccato with praise, and the other authors I have met during my seemingly endless online promotions.

A BIG thanks to Pat Bertram for her tireless and awe-inspiring efforts in promoting all the Second Wind authors. And, of course, to Mike Simpson for making my wish to become a published novelist come true.

What were your accomplishments this year? Let us know what you have to be grateful for.

Wishing you all a fabulous 2010! Hang on, it’s going to be a wild, exciting ride for all of us.

Deborah J Ledford is the author of the debut suspense thriller novel Staccato, now available from Second Wind Publishing, Amazon, Kindle, and independent book stores.


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4 responses to “The End Is Near – by Deborah J Ledford

  1. Nancy Niles

    I love those gratitude lists. For some reason it seems the rejections and not so good times carry so much more weight than the good things. My New Year’s resolution is to put more focus on the positive and ignore the negative. Congrats on all your writing success and I know we will all continue to produce and be the unique voices we are. Second Wind is truly a dream come true. See you next year and have a Happy New Year

  2. Deborah, how kind of you to mention me, but the truth is, I’m glad to do what I can to promote Second Wind books. As Nancy says, Second Wind is truly a dream come true, for us authors, and hopefully for the readers who discover us.

  3. Yes indeed, a dream come true for many.

  4. christinehusom

    You have had a truly awesome year! I am grateful for so much, also. I was glad to get another mystery thriller written, somehow, in the middle of everything else that goes on in a life full of family, friends, job, and volunteer positions. And both my books continue to sell and there are waiting lists at a number of libraries–very cool!

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