Take a Bite Outta Crime – Part 6

Things are going from bad to worse for Kirk Nunne & his wife, Drea Barr. A series of bizarre occurrences have plagued them over the last couple of days. First, Kirk finds their fish supplier & friend murdered in his store. Next, when Kirk & Drea get home late one night, their apartment has been ransacked. If that weren’t bad enough, when Drea goes shopping the next day, their car gets stolen. It doesn’t seem like anything else can go wrong – but can it?

Day workers, who were heading into the store, saw Drea. Two women stopped to see what the trouble was. Sobbing, incoherent, she tried to explain. They took her back inside, leading her to the store office where the assistant manager called Kirk at their hotel.

Kirk opened his eyes groggily, frowning at the offending piece of electrical equipment. He reached for it reluctantly. “Yes?”

“Mr. Nunne?”


“Maggie Longstreet here at the Wal-Mart, sir. Hello.”

“Yeah? Sup, Maggie?”

“We have your wife here in the office. Apparently, someone stole your car while she was shopping.”

Kirk was immediately awake. “What? Our car? Drea? May I speak to her?”

“She’s pretty upset. I’ll try.”

The phone fumbled and scrabbled for a moment. Then he heard some fretful sniffling.

“Drea? Darling, what’s wrong?”

“Someone stole the car!” She wailed. “It was right there! I locked it, I swear! I got our things and it was gone. And I’m sitting in the office in dirty panties!” For some reason, that idea really set her off again.

“I need the address, honey. Did you call the police?”

“Maggie did.”

“Can I speak to her again, sweetheart?”

He heard the phone exchange hands again.

“Mr. Nunne? We’re trying to get her calmed down.”

“I’ll come get her, but it’s going to take awhile. I need a cab.”

“We’re within walking distance of your hotel, Mr. Nunne.” She gave him specific directions.

“Thanks, Maggie,” he said, scribbling them on some hotel stationary. “I’ll be there shortly.”

“The police have just arrived, sir. I need to go.”

“Thanks, Maggie.”

When Kirk arrived at the store, his pal, Officer Scott, was on the scene.

“I heard the call and thought I’d better respond. After last night, well…. Honestly, I was a little worried. This is very strange, Mr. Nunne.”

“Agreed. Who the hell would take our car?”

“Someone who’s desperate to get something they think you have,” he said quietly. “You didn’t take anything from the fish market?”

“Except some bad memories, no. Oh, by the way, about that….” He explained about seeing Jay’s van moving as he walked by.

“And that led you to believe someone was inside?”

“Wouldn’t it you? I was behind an SUV where a couple kids were tussling in the back, it shook all over. The way that was moving, I’d say there might have been two people inside. The movements were hurried, like they didn’t want to get caught. Then with that sound of the knife behind me….”

“Knife sound?”

“Sounded like someone drew a knife behind me. But when I turned around, no one was there.”

“That’s weird.”

“Yeah. Now all this? I’m honestly not sure how much more my wife can take. I keep wondering what’s going to happen next.”

His cellphone rang. It was Margo. Why was she calling?

“Kirk,” her tone was funereal.

It was a bone chilling sound. “What’s wrong, Margo?” He snapped rather loudly.

All talk around him stopped. Every eye turned to him.

“Are you sitting down?”

“No. Should I be?”

“You’re gonna wanna sit down.”

“What’s wrong? Margo, you’re scaring me.”

“I just got here to open up like you said. I walked up to the door and – Kirk…. We’ve been robbed and the whole damn place is covered in fish guts.”


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2 responses to “Take a Bite Outta Crime – Part 6

  1. christinehusom

    Oooh, I can smell them! Now, what would someone do that for?

  2. They’re mean and nasty, Christine! They have a dark, disturbing reason.

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