Take a Bite Outta Crime – Part 19

Drea, Kirk and Margo decided they had to tell the vampire council about their recent crime wave. If they’re being targeted because they are vampires, others could also be at risk. With faint hearts, they go to the mansion of Andres, leader of their coven. He’s also Drea’s sire and the words “blood sucking fiend” describe his personality to a tee. They don’t know that a rather shocking surprise waits for them.

Margo came by as planned and the three vampires went to Andres’ mansion together. If it was possible for a vampire to feel butterflies in her stomach, Drea had them. Clutching Kirk’s hand, she walked up to the front door with Margo close behind. The door opened before they got to the front porch. Inside, twin male vamps bowed deeply to Drea, less so to Kirk and Margo. They had been pets of Phillida’s before she turned them twenty something years ago. Handsome, buff, sexy, they were no less wicked and nasty tempered than she. Drea hated having them behind her, but could do little about it.

They were joined in the foyer by friends of theirs. These men provided security for Andres, though they had also accompanied Drea in her early years. Both of them were more loyal to her than to their master and sire, but neither of them advertised it. Drea didn’t feel as worried about the twins with Theo and Rolf at her back.

“He is in a good mood,” Rolf murmured as he hugged her. “She is not.”

“Lovely,” Drea whispered. “It’s her I need to speak to.”

“Not tonight,” Theo said, shaking his head a tiny bit. “Been a bad week, with one thing and another.”

“What’s wrong?” Margo asked softly.

Theo started to tell her, but was interrupted by Andres’ entrance. More specifically, Andres and his entourage. He never went anywhere without at least six others, mostly female. Drea noticed that Phillida was not among them.

“Drea, my dear!” He called from the stairway across the huge expanse of foyer. “To what do I owe this unexpected visit?”

He greeted the three of them effusively, hugs and kisses, compliments and smiles. Of course, they had to greet each of his entourage as well. Drea knew most of them, some she even liked. He had adorned himself with the four most beautiful women in the coven and the two least attractive men. One of the women, the one on his right arm, was unknown to Drea. She had too much color in her cheeks to be a vampire. Drea assumed, rightly, that this was his new pet. Now she began to see why Phillida would be in a snit. This young woman was far more lovely than she had ever been.

The woman smiled at Drea, holding out her hand. “We’ve already met, Andy,” she said with a laugh. “You don’t recognize me, do you? It’s me, Carley Simpson. Jay’s daughter.”

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  1. christinehusom

    Oh, yes, Jay’s daughter.

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