Tina Munroe, the Protagonist of Vendetta: A Deadly Win

            My first mystery novel, Vendetta: A Deadly Win, has just been released from Second Wind Publishing Company. This novel is the first in a series of novels and my main character, Tina Munroe, is a character I have been developing and getting to know for a number of years.  However, she still surprises me and over the years I have learned to just let her do her thing.  I have found that developing a main character is very much like getting to know a real flesh and blood person.  As time goes on they reveal more through their actions and history and also they change.  Just as my priorities change, so do those of my characters.

            Tina first approached Bernie Phillips at his Detective Agency because she needed a job and she wanted to learn how to search for people.  Tina’s mother had disappeared when Tina had only been fourteen years old.  Despite the fact that her mother left a note telling the family she’d been leaving, Tina always thought it suspicious and feared for her mother’s safety.

            Finally, after years of searching, her father got a lead on her mother’s whereabouts, but then he died under mysterious circumstances and his office got ransacked.  Tina felt more certain her mother had not left the family willingly.

            But, as happens so often in reality, the details of Tina’s life get in the way.  An ex-boyfriend, psycho, drug addict begins stalking her and intrudes upon her life in a big way.  Tina is thrown off track and her own recovery from the experience takes up much of her time and energy.  But, she never forgets her mother and even though she gets thrown into other cases, she never lets go of the quest to find out what happened to her mother.

            With each new case, Tina changes, sometimes for the good, sometimes for the not so good.  But always there is change.  She gets a new partner, that partner undergoes changes, her old partner comes back a changed man, etc….

            Like life, Tina experiences constant change.  What do you like in a main character?  Do you resist change in your characters or in your life? 

            Come and read the Prologue and First Chapter of Vendetta: A Deadly Win and enter the contest for a free signed copy of the novel.  Here is the link:



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One response to “Tina Munroe, the Protagonist of Vendetta: A Deadly Win

  1. christinehusom

    She sounds like someone who is caring, hopeful, and driven. And maybe losing her role model at a young age set her up for bad choices in men. She’ll be fun to follow.

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