Romance Giveaway for Valentine’s Day. Free ebooks! Everybody wins!

Second Wind Publishing is celebrating close encounters of the romantic kind this Valentine’s Day by giving away free romance ebooks! All you have to do to receive your ebook is to leave a comment mentioning which one of the following books you want to read. We will send you a coupon code to use at where you can download your free ebook in whatever format you choose.

Hand-Me-Down Bride by Juliet Waldron:

Hand-Me-Down BrideSophie is far from her German city home, newly married and even more newly widowed. She is left virtually penniless and adrift in post Civil-War Pennsylvania, where she is resented by her dead husband’s family. The last thing she expects is to be is attracted to another member of the scornful Wildbach tribe.  

Karl Joseph is still trying to forget the war, as well as the painful relationship he had with his father. He’s the first member of his proud family to want to “just be an American.” The last thing he wants is a German wife!

Hand-me-Down Bride blends all the elements of a tender romance with a genuine, old-time country setting.

Nora’s Soul by Margay Leah Justice

Nora Kendall believed in angels. Once. But then she lost her brother to cancer despite all of her prayers – and she lost her faith in all things angelic. Now, she is a lost soul who wanders through life like a sleepwalker, playing it safe and leaving the risk-taking to others.

Kyle Cameron is one of those risks. Burned by a bad marriage, his only concern now is providing a stable life for his children, who are left motherless by the unexpected death of his wife. This means working overtime to grow his architectural firm into a viable business – and leaving the care of his children to the care of someone he trusts. Despite his past connection with Nora, Kyle isn’t certain that she’s the right person for the job. He also doesn’t want to reconnect with her and repeat history.

But fate – and the machinations of two angels – has other ideas.

Fate and Destiny by Claire Collins

Discovering Destiny was the last thing Andrew Greer expected.

 Alone in a desolate cabin, Andrew Greer was perfectly content to wait out the blizzard with his adventurous dog, Shadow, as his only companion. Fate decided differently. When Shadow discovers the unconscious and injured woman, Andrew has no choice but to take her to the safety and warmth of his retreat.

 Destiny weaves a tale of kidnapping and murder. Is she the witness and victim to the crimes? Or is she really a conspirator getting away with murder? Andrew is determined to protect Destiny and find out the truth. Can he find the real killer before it’s too late? Or has he already found her? Only Fate knows for sure.

Images of Betrayal by Claire Collins

Abandoned by her family, Tysan works as a waitress in a cheap diner. One cold evening, a beguiling, rugged young man barges into her life. He possesses the remarkable ability to take photographs of events that have not yet happened. Ty narrowly avoids a harrowing death in a disastrous explosion, only to be drawn into a dizzying cascade of conflicts involving a new family that takes her in, Walker-her apparent savior, David-her new admirer and her own family. Kidnapping, betrayal, obsessive love and courageous lovers co-mingle in this romantic thriller.

Lacey Took a Holiday by Lazarus Barnhill

She sold her soul for a bottle. He stole it back.

Lacey Grady is “a woman of leisure” and an alcoholic. Andy Warren is a bitter and jaded WWI veteran whose wife and only son died during childbirth. When Andy recognizes that Lacey is drinking herself to death, he kidnaps her out the brothel where she works and takes her to his mountaintop farm.

Besides being a sweet romance, Lazarus Barnhill’s Lacey Took a Holiday is a profound and profoundly moving story of redemption.

Indian Summer by Dellani Oakes

Lg51ROsDmoLXLIn the spring of 1739, Gabriella Deza stands poised on the verge of womanhood.  A product of her guarded upbringing, she is naive in the ways of love until dashing Manuel Enriques declares his love for her.  Quite by accident, Gabriella uncovers a plot hatched by British spy whose job is to capture the town and fort, Castillo de San Marcos.  Armed with her information, Manuel embarks on a dangerous mission to entrap the spy and save the town from being overthrown by the British.  Unfortunately, Gabriella herself is caught in the trap and kidnapped.  Can Manuel find and save her before it is too late?

Love is on the Wind, an anthology of love stories by the authors of Second Wind Publishing

Some of the stores included in this anthology are: “Love Transcends” by JJ Dare, “A Good Day” by Suzette Vaughn, “A Weeping Moment” by Christine Husom, “Fractured” by Dellani Oakes, “High Court of Love” by Amy De Trempe, “The Perfect Kiss” by Jerrica Knight-Catania, “Puppy Love” by Claire Collins, “A Hunt and a Kiss” by Juliet Waldron, “A Time for Dreams” by Mairead Walpole, “Stormy Weather” by Sherrie Hansen.

So, which book do you want to read? Hand-Me-Down Bride, Nora’s Soul, Fate and Destiny, Images of Betrayal,  Lacey Took a HolidayIndian Summer, or Love is on the Wind? Now’s your chance!

This offer expires on 2/20/ 2011.


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67 responses to “Romance Giveaway for Valentine’s Day. Free ebooks! Everybody wins!

  1. I love a buffet – which makes Love is on the Wind (more than just one story) the perfect book for me!

  2. Cendie

    I still believe in angels… Nora’s Soul is my pick!

  3. dellanioakes

    I’ve read the others, so I really want “Hand Me Down Bride”! I love the others and highly recommend them to everyone!

  4. I’d love to read “Fate and Destiny.” Thanks so much.

  5. Shauna Norman

    I would like to read LOVE IS IN THE WIND – I think Dellani is lovely and would very much like to read what her co-writers are like as well.

  6. I’d love to read Images of Betrayal. Thanks.

  7. I’d like to read them all, but Fate and Destiny appeals to me the most.

    Happy Valentines Day to you all.

  8. Kathy Crouch

    I thought the anthology Love Is In The Wind sounded so perfect I chose it. Thanks for sharing these books with us and good reading to everyone. 🙂

  9. I’d love to read Fate and Destiny. You had me with “dog.” Happy Valentine’s Day, and what a lovely idea!

  10. So hard to choose, but I guess I’ll go for Hand-Me-Down Bride. Thanks for this opportunity!

  11. Stacie Saunders

    They all look great but Fate and Destiny by Claire Collins seems to have the largest pull for me right now. Thanks for the contest!

  12. Not an easy choice, but Fate and Destiny by claire Collins is my choice. Thanks so much for this offer.

  13. I would like to read Nora’s Soul. I had a similar experience, so…

  14. Gaynor Lewis

    I’d love to read Love is on the Wind ~ thanks so much x

  15. Margaret Murphy-King

    Murder In The Wind is my choice .
    Thankyou so much .

  16. Love is On The Wind seems like a good sampling to try! The rest sound a little bit heavy to me.

  17. I would love to read, “Who Will Win.” Thanks for the contest!

  18. Deborah Brent

    I would like Love Is In The Wind. I’ve found that anthologies area a great way to find new authors.

    Thank You,
    Deborah Brent

  19. Nora’s Soul sounds fantastic and not normally something I would read which will make the win even more satisfactory. Good luck to all of you!

  20. Romance, triller and a little sci-fi thrown in, “Images of Betrayal” is my choice. What a nice gift for Valentines Day from the publishing company I love. Thank you.

  21. Tammy Roberts

    I would like to read fate & destiny. thanks alot

  22. Tammy Anderson

    They all sound wonderful but would love to read Hand Me Down Bride! Thanks so much!

  23. Gabriela Scholter

    They all sound good, but the plot of Hand-Me-Down Bride intrigues me the most – so that’s the one for me! Thanks so much!

  24. They all sound very interesting and it is very hard to pick just one, but how can I pass up a smorgasboard of love stories. Love Is In the Wind would be my pick.
    Thank you so much and Happy Valentine Day to you, too!

  25. I would love to read DAUGHTER AM I by PAT BERTRAM.

  26. Laura Kwasiborski

    It was difficult to choose but I’d really like to read “Images of Betrayal” by Claire Collins. Thank you.

    Laura Kwasiborski

  27. christinehusom

    I’ve read all but two so far and would love to check out “Nora’s Soul” next. Thank you !

  28. Wanda

    You have a great list to choose from, I found several that appealed to me, and I’m not really a romance reader! I d love to read “Fate and Destiny” right now. I’ve added so many of them to my TBR list! Thanks for a great opportunity to read a good book!

  29. I’d like ‘Lacey Takes a Holiday’

  30. Caroline

    I would like to read Fate and destiny. Thank you 😉

  31. Kris M

    I would have to say ‘love is on the wind’ since it includes a variety of Second Wind Publishing authors — and I can’t choose just one of the above. Each book sounds great… So I’ll choose ‘love is on the wind’ and a bunch of great stories by some great authors.

  32. Holly Bonville

    I would love to read Nora’s Soul.

    Thank you!

  33. Thanks Second Wind for such a generous offer. Images of Betrayal for me. So compelling.

  34. Because I think Christine Husom’s mysteries are awesome, I would love to read Love is on the Wind! What a wonderful Valentine from Second Wind! Thank you!

  35. Carrie Williams

    Love is on the Wind is my choice I just love the ideal of more than one story.

  36. Mystery with romance interwoven sounds good to me: Fate and Destiny, please.

  37. Rene McKay

    Would love to read “Lacy Took A Holiday.

  38. JB Kohl

    Oooh . . . these all look so good! I think I’d like to read Lacey Took a Holiday by Lazarus Barnhill. It looks so sweet.

  39. Rodney Mercer

    I love a good thiller. So Images of Betrayal would be for me.

  40. Danielle

    Fate and Destiny sounds really good; I’d like to read that!

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  42. Bobbie

    I would love to read Nora’s Soul — I like everything that has been said about it in the blurb. I love to read books that have angels in them. THANKS.

  43. Terry

    I would love to read Fate and Destiny, please! 😀

  44. Love is on the Wind – sounds like a perfect anthology for Valentine’s Day.

  45. Donna S

    Images of Betrayal sounds interesting. Thanks!

  46. I would love a copy of Love Is On the Wind.

  47. Sandy Jay

    I’d like to read Nora’s Soul. Thanks

  48. “Love is on the Wind” would be great!

  49. Linda Kish

    Tough choice. They all sound good. I will choose Love is on the Wind for a lot of stories. Thanks.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  50. “Love is on the Wind” is a title that I would love to curl up with in this month of love. 🙂

  51. azpatty56

    I would love to read the book “Images of Betrayal”…Thanks, Pat

  52. Nikki

    I think they all sound good. I’m a great fan of historicals.

  53. Ariann

    Fate & Destiny please! Perfect Valentine’s Day evening reading for me!

  54. Michele

    I love period romances. Indian Summer sounds great. I’d love to read it!

  55. kris

    Nora’s Soul sounds great

  56. Lisa

    I’d love to read Love is on the Wind!

  57. Tammy M

    I would like to read Nora’s Soul.

  58. AmandaChesshir

    I would like Indian Summer by Dellani Oakes please! They all look good but that one calls to me.

  59. Teresa Miller

    I’d love to read Hand Me Down Bride. Looks perfect for Valentine’s Day!

  60. Joanne

    Love is on the Wind is my choice please.


  61. Tracey Witt

    I am interested in “Hand – Me – Down Bride” please. It sounds wonderful.

  62. Images of Betrayal sounds great. It had me at the mere mention of photographs of things that hadn’t happened yet.

  63. Carmen

    I love historical love stories, so I vote for “Hand-Me-Down Bride.”

  64. brett

    Images of Betrayal is the novel that sounds best to me. Thanks!

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