Take a Bite Outta Crime – Part 26

“No. You stay out here.”

“But I don’t really know anyone else!” She looked terrified. “They frighten me!”

“Do you think they’re going to bite you?” Margo was incredulous. “Silly child. What do you think Andres means to do? When you marry, he’ll turn you. Or he may turn you first.” She shrugged. “One way or the other, you will become one of us.”

Carley stared after them, trembling uncontrollably. The others stared at her for awhile, but soon lost interest. They were more concerned with what Kirk had said than anything a 23 year old girl would do. The youngest among them was well over 50 human years. They cared very little about a mere child.

The meeting of the security team went for hours. They made plans, discussed strategy and tactics until sunrise. Many of the vampires were day sleepers, but Kirk had made it clear that this habit made them vulnerable. He insisted that they all begin taking the medication that he, Drea and Margo used. It was an unpopular decision, but a necessary one.

When they left the library, they found Carley asleep with her head on the buffet table. Someone had tossed a blanket over her shoulders. Drea suspected it was Silas. He had a very tender spot for young women.

Margo, Drea and Kirk headed home grateful to have that night behind them. They had no pressing engagements, so decided to stay closed for the day. Margo went to her apartment while Kirk and Drea went to the cold sterility of their hotel.

Tommy was awake and frantic when Margo got in. “Where have you been? I called a dozen times at least!”

“I should have told you that my phone won’t work on the compound. They have a dampening net set up to cut down on unwanted attention.”

“I’ve been worried sick!” He held her close, kissing her.

“I’m sorry I frightened you. Come, reassure me for awhile, then I must sleep.”

Tommy chuckled. “Reassurance, is it? Allow me to reassure you how much I love you, how desirable you are, how beautiful. Shall I reassure you more than once, my sweet?”

“Once for now, my darling boy. Then more when I wake.”

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