Take a Bite Outta Crime – Part 34

Previously in “Take a Bite Outta Crime”

Drea & Kirk own a catering business. Margo & Tommy work for them. Oh, yeah- they’re vampires (except for Tommy who is, in fact, still human)

One morning, Kirk discovers that their fish supplier, Jay, has been murdered at his shop. After this, Kirk & Drea are robbed, their business is vandalized & their car stolen.

They decide to go to the vampire council, where they find out that several vampires have disappeared from photo shoots where they were working for Andres, the head vampire.

Andres has a new pet, none other than the daughter of the late, lamented Jay. Can her involvement and his be a coincidence?

Kirk and Margo go undercover to find out what’s going on at the modeling agency, but it’s Tommy who makes the biggest discovery – one of the gaffers tells him that people got ill after eating the food provided by the prior caterers. 

They are sitting about discussing this when Andres arrives unexpectedly…..

“Darling!” Carley rushed to his side. “What are you doing here?”

“I thought I should tell you someone else has disappeared.”

“Today? We watched everyone,” Tommy said.

“Who?” Drea asked quietly.

“Some technician. Not one of us. No one I ever heard of. I didn’t even know he worked for me.”

“Gene?” Tommy asked. “Gene Schwartz?”

“How did you know?”

“I talked to that guy! He said it had something to do with the food. People ate the food, got sick and never came back.”

“He’s right,” Carley said. “Vincent, all the others, ate and got sick. They went home early. The driver took them.”

“Driver?” Andres frowned. “I don’t hire drivers. Waste of money to keep some guy hanging about sucking down the free food and taking up space. Most of the time, they hit on my models and interfere with the workings of the shoot. Some of them fancy themselves models and want a gig. After one of them took a swing at the director, I quit having them about.”

“Really? There was always this guy hanging around who said he was the driver. Every time someone disappeared, he was there. Oh, my God! You mean he was the one taking people?”

“I fear so,” Andres said. “This is terrible. How did I not notice him?” He played with Carley’s hair, wrapping it around his fingers.

Tommy tapped him on the leg, directing his fixated attention to the younger man instead of the pretty woman.

“Because people like drivers are furniture,” he replied. “And when you’ve got a beautiful, new lady, the furniture disappears into the background. You probably saw the guy a dozen times and didn’t even know it. I think Gene disappeared because he talked to me. He told me what was going on. Had I known about the driver, I would have put the pieces together then. Now, he’s got to figure I’m going to figure it out eventually.”

“Making you a target,” Margo said, clutching his hand to her breast. “Oh, Tommy! I had so wanted to keep you out of this!”

“Why do you care?” Andres asked snidely. “He’s nothing. A mere human.”

“He’s something to me!” Margo flared. “How would you like me to say that about Carley? He’s no less important to me than she is to you!”

“You always let your temper get the better of you, Margo. You need to calm down….”

“And you need to shut up,” Carley said. “How rude is that? You belittle her relationship with a human, yet you tell me you love me beyond all others. I’m a mere human too, Andres, or had you forgotten?”

“Carley, I….”

“I want you to go now,” she said angrily. “Get out, Andres. I have to get up early. I don’t have time for you tonight.” She stormed out, slamming the door to her bedroom.

Margo cheered, scoffing at Andres. The elder vampire snarled, eyes flashing red. Margo smirked.

“Someone needs his beauty sleep. Go home, Andres. You’re behaving like a child.” She swished out of the room followed closely by Tommy.

The younger man had no desire to stay in a room with an angry 900 year old vampire. Kirk stood, stretching.



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2 responses to “Take a Bite Outta Crime – Part 34

  1. You are the dialogue queen–it tells the story so well!

  2. dellanioakes

    Thank you, Christine!

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