Take a Bite Outta Crime – Part 37

The good guys are closing in, but Tommy’s disappeared! Someone must be getting pretty nervous by now. They kidnapped a non-vamp to cover their tracks. Now they’re after Tommy, but will they succeed? Not if Margo, Kirk and Drea (not to mention the cops) have anything to say about it!

 “I’ll check the restrooms and the exit list,” Scott said, striding away.

“I’ll see about the security footage,” Sandra said. “You two go to work. We’ll handle this.”

Margo put her hand on Sandra’s arm. Looking pleadingly into the other woman’s eyes, she spoke softly. “Could you go back to work if it were Scott?”

Sandra nodded abruptly. “Do you really think you want to run in that dress?”

Margo hugged the police woman. “I’ll be right back. I’ll meet you at the security office.”

“We’re working, Margo,” Kirk said.

“I’m ill. Tell them.” She raised her chin to the set.

Kirk squeezed her hand, grinning. “You got it.”

Margo made a big scene and went to her dressing room. Kirk went to the director and spoke urgently, telling him that Margo had taken ill and he needed to drive her home.

“Well, we’re done with you for the day,” he said sadly. “I hope we’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Count on it,” Kirk said with a sly wink. “She’s a few weeks pregnant. You know how they get….”

“Oh, sure! Tell her to take it easy. I didn’t know.”


“Hey, congratz!”

Kirk nodded and left. He changed rapidly and went looking for Scott. Heading to the men’s room, he smelled something odd. It tingled his sensitive nose, making the hair on the back of his neck rise. Someone was bleeding—a lot. And he smelled—vampire, ready to feed.

Bursting into the restroom, he found a vampire he didn’t recognize, bending over Scott’s prostrate form. The young police officer bled copiously from his scalp. There’d been a hell of a fight, and Scott had taken the worst of it. However, he’d landed more than one good punch on the vamp. One fang was loose, his jaw bruised and his lip split. If he bit Scott like that, the young human would turn. He couldn’t let that happen!

The vampire grinned, wiping the blood from his lips. Fortunately, he hadn’t bitten his victim yet. Kirk smiled, unbuttoning his suit coat.

“Do you mind? It’s borrowed.”

The vampire nodded, grin widening, face elongating as he changed into his feral state. Kirk took off his jacket and hung it in a stall. The tie went next.

“How civilized we are. Which means you’re here to distract me so I won’t go rushing off after whomever kidnapped my pet.”

The other vamp’s eyes widened.

“You didn’t know he was mine, did you.” He chuckled. It was an eerie sound in the bathroom. “I don’t take kindly to those who mess with my pets. This one’s mine too.” He rolled up his sleeves.

“He’s not. No one’s fed off him.” The loose fang made him lisp.

“Not yet. I was grooming him as the new pet. Tommy’s getting ready to change.” Kirk took a pose like an old fashioned boxer.

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