Take a Bite Outta Crime – Part 43

It’s time to storm the compound. The question remains, how best to do it with as few casualties on their side. Though very powerful, the vampires have some obvious weaknesses that the humans do not. Can their weaker companions be successful where they would fail?

 “Are we rushing them?” Scott whispered.

“We’ll have orders in a second,” Nero replied. “Heinrich and Phillida are conferring.”

“Shh!” Kirk had heard a murmur of something. He didn’t think it was from his companions. Curious, he held up his hand for silence.

There it was again. Voices under their feet? What the hell? The earth shifted beneath them. Clovis fell to his knees. Dietrich dropped into a hole with a muffled grunt. One hand scrabbled at the dirt before jerking down once more. A gurgle echoed in their ear pieces.

“They’re under us!” Nero yelled into his microphone.

The ground at their feet erupted as a dozen well armed vampires leaped out. Kirk pushed Scott behind him, protecting the human with his body.

“Bleeder!” One of the rival vampires growled. He charged Scott, apparently unaware of Kirk.

Scott dodged, doing a midair somersault before landing in a crouch. Kirk clothslined the charging vamp, knocking him on his back. With a roar, he stabbed the other vampire in his unprotected throat, severing the spine. Another swipe of his blade took off the head.

Already engaged by another vampire, Scott paid little attention to his friend’s actions. Following Kirk’s example, he went for the neck. For some reason, these vampires didn’t protect themselves as carefully as his friends. They left themselves vulnerable to attack. Either carelessness, stupidity or arrogance, who could say? They fell easily to their weapons, but Kirk and his friends were missing one of their own.

“Do we follow in the tunnels?” Scott asked.

“Not unless you want to die,” Kirk replied, wiping his blade on a dead vamp’s corpse before it disintegrated.

“Report,” Nero said as he straightened from his last victim. The other vampire’s blood streaked his chin and white shirt, disappearing as the body did.

They checked in by numbers. This time, Scott knew what to do.

“Do you think there are more down there?” Scott asked Kirk.

“Probably. They’ll wait a few minutes and come at us again. We may not get as lucky next time.”

“I’ve got an idea,” Scott said. “Does a flash grenade affect you like sunlight if you’re not protected?”

Nero and the others eyed him skeptically. Kirk held up his hand before the others could lose their tempers.

“Hear him out,” he said calmly. “Go on,” he replied without saying yes or no.

“Because if that’s the case, we can access that tunnel and set off one or two to clear the way.”

“We can’t….” Nero said.

“Maybe not, but I can,” Scott replied.

“There could be dozens down there,” Kirk said. “I don’t feel right putting you in that position.”

“Will it kill them or disable them?”

The vampires exchanged an anxious glance.

“Depends on proximity,” Cloves replied. “Those closest will fall to dust. The others will be badly burned.”

“So, if I set off more than one, I can clear the way?”

They exchanged another anxious glance.

“Perhaps, but we can’t follow and protect you,” Kirk said.

“I know I’m not as old as you guys, but I’m not helpless,” Scott said. “And I’m not scared. Well, I am, but I can do this. If we can get in this way….”

“Give him some,” Nero said.

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