Take a Bite Outta Crime – Part 47

Back at Andres’ compound, Tommy is safe and the others search to find the traitor in their midst.

 Heinrich joined them a little while later. Not long after, Andres and Phillida came in arm in arm.

“So, you’ve decided on Phillida as your wife after all?” Heinrich sniffed, annoyed by something. “I thought you were set on that insufferable child.”

“A passing fancy. We all have them from time to time.”

“Indeed we do. You more than some. I’m glad you’ve come to your senses at last.” He raised his glass to the couple. “And you, Margo, a new pet to play with? How delightful for you.”

“Thank you, Heinrich. Tommy and I are getting….”

“And you, young man.” He turned to Scott. “Such a fine display of heroism today. Why you accounted for more kills than the rest of us combined, I warrant.”

Scott blushed, ducking his head. “I doubt that, but thank….”

“Overall, quite the display of heroics. Too bad it takes a crisis to bring out the beast in us.”

“Did you really think you’d get away with it, Heinrich?” Andres asked calmly. “Surely you knew I’d figure it out eventually.”

“Actually, I thought it took you far longer than I’d anticipated. You can be abysmally dull witted when you’re dipping your wick in a new woman.”

Andres moved so quickly, they hardly saw him. He grabbed Heinrich by the throat, lifting him off the floor.

“You dare to try a coup? You sniveling bastard! You were nothing when I found you! A gutter rat of a man, stealing your way across London. If I hadn’t turned you, the bloody night watch would have killed you! And now, after all I’ve done for you, this is how you repay me? I could crush you!”

Heinrich fought hard to free himself. Andres dropped him on the floor. Ringed by security, Heinrich picked himself up off the floor.

“You arrogant prick! You lord over the rest of us because you were a minor, petty aristocrat nearly a thousand years ago! If that old sod of a vampire hadn’t turned you after the botched dual, you’d be dust, forgotten.”

“Are you finished?” Andres drew himself up seeming to vibrate from anger.

“I suppose, unless you’d like me to grovel before you kill me.”

Andres grabbed the hapless vampire, fangs descending as he turned his head to clamp down on Heinrich’s throat. Staggering back, Andres clutched his side, Heinrich’s dagger wobbled in his chest. Pulling it out, Andres sliced Heinrich’s throat, roaring with fury. Blood sprayed everyone in the room, bathing even the humans in crimson gore.

Heinrich crumpled to the floor, his head bouncing along the floor, landing at Phillida’s feet. She kicked it away from her even as it began to degrade. The body and blood fizzled and hissed, falling to dust.

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