Bad Wasps by J J Dare

We’re getting close to the end of Rubicon Ranch: Necropieces, the second book in the Rubicon series. As I wrap up my deeply flawed characters, I have time to reflect on their behavior.

They’re bad. Bad to the bone. Bad in ninety-five percent of their molecular makeup. If an ice-cream flavor was named after them, it would be “Vinegar and Vinegar” and it would taste just as sour as it sounds.

They are evil, narcissistic, self-centered, selfish and plain mean. Both characters think nothing of climbing over the living and dying bodies of anyone in their way. They are Bad Wasps.

So, why did I write them this way? It’s not a reflection of me. I’m fairly mild, with only a bit of flair once in a while. And I’ve never wanted to murder my parents

Pops and Moms

or my brother, although he did chase me down the street one time when I ran away in protest of a nap. It was terrifying for a four-year old to hear the thwump, thwump of an angry sibling’s running feet hitting the sidewalk as he raced to catch me.

Bro and Sis back in the day

Even though I write from the view of a soldier in some of my books, I’ve never shot anyone or fired a cannon at an approaching enemy (although I’ve thought about it from time to time).

We don’t need no stinking guns . . .

Of course, part of my heredity includes the lawmen and the lawless. I can pull from both sides although I, myself, am fairly law-abiding (except when I get in my car – speed “limits” limit my ability to go faaaaaaast).

Don’t shoot him, Paw Paw. Oh, what the heck, go ahead. Shoot

My characters don’t reflect the true me or, for the most part, the me I fantasize I am at times.  Without a qualm, I can make a bad-asp character who behaves like an asp. After all, it’s all in my mind.

And what a kaleidoscope my mind can be. In the next installment of Rubicon Ranch, I’ll introduce a new emotion to one of my Sinclair characters – love. But, love with a twist because when you look up “dysfunctional” in the dictionary, you find the entire Sinclair family tree.

As I’ve said before, writing a straight line is boring. I’ll always choose the zig-zagged, crooked path because it’s infinitely more interesting.


J J Dare is the author of two published books, several short stories and triple digit works-in-progress.

Current enthusiasm is sharpening intangible knives and co-authoring at Rubicon Ranch

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4 responses to “Bad Wasps by J J Dare

  1. How fun! I’d considered changing my character for a bad wasp (or perhaps revealing a waspish side, which I might someday do), but she still has so much work to do that I can’t just dump the poor woman. She needs to find out who killed her husband and why, and she needs to resolve her feelings for the misogynist sheriff.

    Unlike your characters, which don’t reflect you, mine is a lot like me. She’s a writer dealing with grief, she wanders in the desert, she’s fairly calm and passive though she can be riled, but unlike me, she has been a world traveler and has a penchant for finding dead bodies.

  2. Can’t wait to see what Moody does next, even if she’s made me cringe more than once. I may be using a guy from one of my novels because he’s on the run from the cops and Rubicon Ranch is exactly the type of place he’d show up in.

    • I think that would be great, Mickey! I love characters from one book who show up in another — it makes the written world more of a reflection of the “real” world.

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