Sea of Destiny – Part 10

sea of destiny coverKyle has been talking to his travel agent. He told her to find a family friendly cruise for his family and Carmelita, their housekeeper. Angie, the travel agent, calls him with details. They are going to Mexico. She suggests he may find love again, but teases that the name of the boat is not the Love Boat. Curious, Kyle decides to see what the name of the boat really is.

 Curious, he booted up his computer and took a quick shower. It was warmed up and ready when he got out. He toweled dry, put on a pair of boxers and flopped onto his bed with the laptop. The e-mail from Angie confirmed all their reservations giving place and time of departure.

Serendipity? The ship’s name is Serendipity?” He laughed out loud, kicking up his heels. “Well, I wanted Fate to decide,” he chuckled. “I’m guessing it just did.”

After breakfast, Kyle and Carmelita made arrangements to move her possessions to the apartment attached to his house. They also decided that she would take the children shopping the next day while he and the Simmons brothers moved her things over.

“I’ll go by today and pack up my breakables,” she told Kyle. “I can’t trust any of you men to do it right.”

“And pack up your clothing. I don’t want to embarrass you by going through your panty drawer.”

“More likely embarrass you if you did,” she commented, raising an eyebrow. “If you knew what I was wearing under these slacks, I venture to say you’d have a heart attack and we’d miss that cruise.”

“While you’re gone, I’m going to pack and get some writing done.”

“You’re going to start writing again? That’s wonderful!”

“I decided last night that it’s time. I’ve cut myself off too long, Lita. I need something to make me feel like me again.”

“Good. Then I don’t have to fuss at you.” She patted his cheek. “I’ll be back before the kids get home.”

“Call if you need me.”

“I’ll do that very thing. See you, baby.” She patted his cheek again and left in a perfumed cloud.

The next few days passed in a blur for Kyle. Between moving Carmelita and preparing for their trip, he was busier than he’d been at the office. It was a good kind of busy, though. It wasn’t the bury himself in work to keep from grieving kind of busy. This was with a purpose—that of spending special time with his family. He couldn’t remember the last time they had a family vacation. Nearly two years, if he remembered correctly.

Monday night they drove to Cocoa Beach and spent the night with friends who lived there. The next morning, they reported to their ship, amazed at how full it seemed, even if it was operating at far less than capacity. Their cabins were luxurious by any standards with perfect views. The children made themselves at home and were enjoying the pool as the ship pulled out of the port. Kyle sat by the pool slathered with sunscreen sipping a vodka martini. Carmelita sat beside him trying to pretend she didn’t know him if any good looking men walked by.

Examining her objectively, Kyle could see that she would probably have very little trouble finding male companionship. Nearly six feet tall, she had the statuesque build of a goddess. Her legs were long, shapely and muscular making him feel scrawny and weak. No slack himself, he wasn’t much taller than she was, but very wiry of build.

“You look like an Amazon Queen, Lita,” he commented quietly.

“I hope that’s meant to be a compliment, or else you won’t live through this first day.”

© Dellani Oakes 


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  1. I’m ready to read more, Dellani!

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