Sea of Destiny – Part 16

sea of destiny coverKyle and Emily are spending time getting to know one another. His family seems quite taken with Emily, especially Mindy.

 “My mommy was sick,” Mindy’s little mouth pouted.

“I’ve been very sick too. But now I’m all better.”

“I’m glad you’re better. I like you, Miss Emily.”

“Thank you. I like you too, Mindy.”

“What’s on the docket for today?” Carmelita asked.

“I don’t know. There are all kinds of activities for the kids. Arts and crafts at nine, swimming, video games. In fact, there’s a Guitar Hero competition right after lunch.”

“There’s not!” Randy’s eyes got huge. “Which one?”

Kyle pulled out the brochure. “Says here, Guitar Hero II and Metallica.”


“I thought that would interest you and Cindy. You two kick serious butt at that game.”

“Randy’s better than me,” Cindy pouted. “He’d beat me.”

“You can compete and different levels. See?”

“You’re the queen of medium, Cindy,” Randy tried to console his sister. “I can’t even play as good as you at that setting.”

“This from the king of expert.” She smirked, nudging her brother. “But thanks. It might be fun.”

Once the children were occupied, Carmelita got her things and lay beside the pool for more hunk watching. Kyle and Emily took another stroll around the deck.

“There’s a dance class at ten,” Kyle told her. “Would you like to go?”

“What kind of dancing?”

“Salsa.” He did a few fancy steps, shaking his hips.

Giggling, Emily agreed. “I’ll need different shoes. I can’t dance in tennis shoes.”

“Ditto.” He was wearing flipflops. “How about we stroll down to the cabins, change footwear and find the class? I’ve got the brochure in my cabin.”

“Sounds good. Where is your cabin?”

“A few doors down from yours.”

“Really? Oh, how fun! Carmelita wasn’t upset that I kept you out half the night, was she?

“No, she thought it was great. The family has really taken a shine to you.”

“I’m glad. I like them too. You have a lovely family. I look at Mindy and I see a lot of myself there. What a darling she is.”

“Thanks. I’m pretty fond of her. She was kind of a surprise after the first two. We thought we’d had our family, but Fate had different plans.”

“Funny how that happens, isn’t it? I hope she wasn’t too big a shock.”

“She wasn’t so much a shock as a surprise. We’d thought about having more kids, but Margo had a few miscarriages.”

“I had a couple myself. That was the main reason we found the tumor. I’d had another one and went to the doctor to see what was wrong.”

“What a lousy way to find out.”

“Yes, so I had several tragedies to deal with simultaneously.”

© Dellani Oakes 


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2 responses to “Sea of Destiny – Part 16

  1. You tell your stories with great dialogue, Dellani.

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