Things Can Change in an Instant by Ginger K King

Today I drove through Douglas X Roads in eastern NC and saw the tornado damage.  We were on the way to a family reunion and weren’t sure just how close to our family the path of destruction was.  It was as they say “too close for comfort.”

Tonight I am thinking about how one minute it was a Friday afternoon just after work or just before getting home.  I bet many families were planning what to put on the grill or where to go out to eat to kick off the weekend and the next minute their home was destroyed or the roof was off and the sides of the barn relocated to the pond looking much like enormous crumpled sheets of paper.  I bet some of them are still in shock from all they saw, felt and heard as they endured the storm.

When disasters like this happen, we see it on tv and are somewhat desensitized to it.  I was just driving into the area today without knowing exactly where the path was.  We were on our way to a family reunion and not out looking at damage so I had no idea where it was.  Part of it was the surprise when we saw where it crossed the highway, but mostly it was the awe that caused me to just weep as we saw these families standing in their yard looking at the heap of rubble that once was the center of their lives.

Let’s all remember that things can change in an instant.  Therefore it’s best to do the right thing, help each other out, and say I love you more.

Artist Steffan Duncan, no infringement intended.


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2 responses to “Things Can Change in an Instant by Ginger K King

  1. Wow. Thank you for putting a human, individual face on what can otherwise just be news.

    • Sheila it was shocking to us because one second we were driving in the glorious NC countryside on a beautiful sunny day and the next we rounded the bend to find complete destruction. When you are so very close to it, even if its no one you know, it gets to you. My prayers are with all who are trying to clean up even as more bad weather is churning.

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