“Mommy, I So Es-cited!”

Hello, again, dear reader. Sorry to have to tell you my bathroom isn’t done yet, but it’s coming along nicely. The faux painting on my tin ceiling tiles went smoother than I expected, especially since I didn’t know how to faux paint tin ceiling tiles. After experimenting with some sample pieces, I got the hang of what I wanted and plunged ahead on the first two-foot-square tile. Thirty-five, two-foot-square tiles later, three pieces of vaulted-ceiling center molding, and with my torso now stuck in a leaning forward position, I was done. The next day after wrangling the kinks out of my back, I followed with a clear coat.

When the guys came to install the tin ceiling, it was all I could do to keep from standing in the center of the bathroom, directing the operation. I quickly discovered, my contractor had placed me in the hands of two geniuses and my help was absolutely not needed. I was able to sneak a peek now and then, though. Wow, what a spectacular job they did! Here’s a peek for you.

Installing Tin Ceiling

Installing Tin Ceiling





Most of Ceiling

Most of Ceiling





After the ceiling was up, the guys brought in my brand new custom ninety-inch cherry double vanity and fit it along one wall.

The next day was granite countertop and four-inch backsplash day. The granite is called Peacock Green and does have a dark green hue, but feels mostly black with smudges of brown, making a nice contrast to the white undermount sinks. Sparkly mica peeps through the stone every now and then, too, adding a touch of bling. Holes were made and the sinks were glued into place and held with braces.

Custom Vanity

Custom Vanity





I’m learning that in remodeling, there are stages in which things happen and certain trades people have to be called in at certain times during these stages. For instance, the plumber came in after demo and made sure the shower wall was set up for the new shower fixtures and he and I discussed where a niche will be for shampoo and such. And the electrician came to find out how many and where switches and dimmers would be located. They’ll be back again later. Meanwhile, other trades people will do their jobs, sometimes in stages, too. It’s terpsichorean trickery for a contractor to schedule trades for just one project, much less several. I don’t know how they do it. FYI, Terpsichore (pronounced, terp-sick-er-ree) is the Greek Muse of the dance. I love her name; sounds musical). But I digress.

For the last two days, the tile guys have been here cutting and laying down the eighteen inch floor tiles. Outlining each, I am using an approximately one inch band of tiny three-eighth inch mosaic pieces of polished marble, ranging in colors from black through beiges to white. Because the pieces are polished and small they glitter in the light next to the larger matt floor tile. The whole effect is spectacular! I’m so fortunate I keep getting geniuses assigned to my project! Wow! It’s even more beautiful than I imagined. I feel as though I’ve used up all the space in the Cloud with my pictures.

Mosaic and Tile Floor

Mosaic and Tile Floor





Today is shower tile day. I just peeked and the twenty-four inch square mosaic medallion, which faces the vanity across the room and will be reflected in the mirror above, matches the mosaic outlining the floor tiles. A dark brown marble pencil surrounding the medallion sets it off against the one foot by two-foot vertical shower tiles. “Wow” is the only word I can think of right now. Reminds me of when the A-Team guy said, “I love it when a plan comes together.” Remember that? This plan is definitely coming together. Yessss!

Mosaic and Tile-Shower

Mosaic and Tile-Shower

Tile Guys-Joe and Roger

Tile Guys-Joe and Roger






Tomorrow is grouting day and I’ll find out what else will happen after that. Thank you for your patience. I promise it won’t be long and I’ll have some great pictures to share with you. As my son used to say when he was a toddler, “Mommy, I so es-cited!”


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8 responses to ““Mommy, I So Es-cited!”

  1. Love the ceiling tiles and floor tiles. Looks wonderful.

    • Thank you so much, Susan. I’m really pleased with everything so far. Can’t wait until it’s all together. Then I’ll really know if my vision has come to fruition.

  2. Pat Gordon

    Magnificent! Your bathroom is becoming a work of art! Coco, please give us a video tour of your entire bathroom when completed. All the best, Pat

  3. Looks exotic, and very warm feeling…….can’t wait to try it out!!! 🙂

  4. Renee

    Oh my goodness!! This is spectacular!!! YOU are so multi-talented!! Can hardly wait for more pix. Your designing can match any of the best in the business!!

    • Wow, Renee. What a compliment! Thank you so much. Designing is like playing for me. I really enjoy it. But I tend to be more visible in my approach, so I’m not sure how something will turn out until I actually see it. Could be disasterous. So far, so good on this project. Can’t wait for the finishing pieces. Until next month…

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