La La It’s Love by Ginger K. King

It’s undeniably unique.  You know what phrases like the honeymoon stage, the warm and fuzzies, and all gooey inside are referring to even if you’ve never been in love. Even the words “in love” let us know that it is a state of being.  We can be in the state of love or out of it but loving is an action.  So what’s the difference?

Being in love is a euphoric adventure.  It can be quite a strong bonding experience, and it can be a strong aphrodisiac. Sometimes it masks things that are normally warning signs that the person may not be right for us, or could even be dangerous.

Loving by contrast is a much deeper connection between two people where the best interest of the other is the highest need.  This is not a state but a choice.  For many loving starts with the state of being in love.  For some the affair ends when the magic slows and trouble creeps in.

In my upcoming debut novel The Diamond Road I begin a series of books centered around loving in difficult situations.  We know that even with faith, the difficult can be made possible.  However faith only promises possible, not always easy.


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  1. Sounds intriguing. I love how you define the difference.

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