A Little Tease…

Each month in my blog, I write about something that has either happened to me during the month or something that I find interesting and want to share with my readers.  Since the bulk of this past month has been trying to complete my latest novel, I thought that instead of trying to figure out what to write about, I would instead give everyone a sneak peek at what I’ve been up to.  Below, you will find the first chapter of my latest novel, tentatively titled, “Through Rose Colored Glasses.”

Read it for me, would you? Does the first chapter tease you?   Does it make you want more?  Are you intrigued?  Let me know what you think.  I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


The first time I saw Reid Hamilton, I might have actually gasped.

The moment that man walked into my line of vision I felt things I’d only read or heard other women talk about when they spoke of the rush they felt when they met the man of their dreams.  Although my experience with the crap found in romance novels is slim, I’ve had countless friends who spoke of the man who took their breath away, caused their pulse to quicken and made their nether regions actually ache with desire.  And while I’ve had my share of boyfriends, none of them, despite countless dates and too may intimate sessions to count, never made me feel anything close to the instantaneous, powerful attraction I felt when he walked into the room.  Truth be told, I felt like I’d been hit by a ton of bricks.

Reid is beyond striking.  He is well over six feet tall and his suit simply cannot hide what I felt certain was a better than average physique just lurking beneath his overly starched shirt and crisp pants.  Looks aside, there’s something much more intriguing about him – something that drew me to him immediately.  It was his confidence.  When he strolled into the room that first day, I knew he was a man who was very comfortable in his skin.  And when his eyes met mine as he reached out to shake my hand, I felt the strength there and immediately began to fantasize about what those hands would feel like roaming my body.

But, since Reid was interviewing me for a position in his department, I forced myself to table my fantasy for the moment.  A difficult task, to say the least.

He sat down across from me and began to ask several questions about me and my expectations for the job I was interviewing for.  A job that suddenly, I was desperate to have.

What I didn’t know then was that there were several openings in the company for the position I was interviewing for.  Each manager was meeting with the candidates to determine which of us would be best suited for each team.  Had I known just how slim my chances of working for Reid were, I would have been even more nervous than I already was.

He asked me several questions to which I’m sure I gave appropriate answers – though I can’t remember one bit of what I said.  I was too busy watching his lips move around as he spoke.  When the interview finally ended, he stood up and grasped my hand with both of his, enveloping my hand within.  Despite the warmth of his hands wrapped around mine, I shivered.

When I got the call two days later telling me I would be working on Reid’s team, I nearly wept with joy.  The thought of working with him all day, every day was more than I could’ve ever hoped for.  I envisioned the two of us working long hours together and developing a friendship that would, inevitably, turn into something more.  The workplace nowadays, is more like your own personal Match.com and more and more people are falling for people they work with, simply because of the amount of time they spend working and getting to know their co-workers.  I felt certain that would happen with Reid.  Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to begin my employment.

Now, the fact that he was going to be my boss might pose a bit of a problem but I was willing to overlook any of these teeny details.  If things progressed with Reid and I hoped they would, I’d simply transfer to another department.  But I’d worry about that later.  Right now, the only thought I could focus on was the fact that I’d be in close proximity to Reid Hamilton for the better part of forty hours every week.

I was grinning from ear to ear.  I couldn’t wait to start.

When I arrived at work that first day and discovered that my cubicle was a mere ten feet from his office, I nearly did a cartwheel.  I contained myself; not wanting to appear giddy and immature and probably lose my job before I’d even sat down in my chair.   So I gathered my giddiness and stored it for a more appropriate time.  However, I did find it rather difficult to wipe the smile off my face the entire day.

Once my cubicle was identified, I got to work organizing it so that I could furtively glance at him over the top of my computer if I stood, or simply lean back in my chair and glance into his office.

Since that day nearly two months ago, I have spent countless hours monitoring his movements and generally speaking, all things Reid Hamilton.  From in the safety of my cubicle, I can casually glance his way and watch him cross and uncross his legs, stare at his computer screen or stand and walk around his office.  Even the simplest of tasks are made sexy when they are performed by him.  It’s ridiculous really. The other day I lost complete track of time watching him slowly sip on his coffee.

By now, I know his routines so well by now that I can predict within three minutes when he’s going to grab that next cup of coffee, which days he’s going to be late, and even when he’s going to take a restroom break.  I have been known, on occasion, to time my trips to the rest room or break room so that I can walk with him part of the way

By now, you might think that I’m a bit obsessive and that I’m not able to complete my work because of this…er, hobby, but strangely enough, I find that because I am so excited when he’s around, I have an abundance of energy that makes me incredibly efficient.  I only wish this enthusiasm bled into my personal life.  I could use some of it to clean my apartment, which, at the moment, could be condemned if anyone were to step inside of it.  But frankly, who has time to clean their apartment when there is so much work to be done?  Not work, work.  Reid word – not that I’d call it work…more like the best hobby in the world.

When I’m at home, my time is spent doing any number of productive tasks. For instance, Reid is a Yankees fan so I make sure to watch any game that is on TV so I can be sure to mention that to him the next day.  And I have to watch the whole game.  No highlight shows for me.  That just won’t do.  As a matter of fact, I consider it cheating.  How can you possibly speak about a professional sporting event when you haven’t watched the entire thing?

Why do I spend my time watching any number of sporting events, you ask?  It’s simple really.  Men love their women to be interested in sports, and particularly, be a fan of the team they cheer for.  They imagine her beside him at an outdoor arena.  She is wearing her ball cap, her ponytail peeking neatly through the hole in the back.  He is wearing the team shirt and she’s wearing one as well, though not the same exact one.   Men never want to do the matchy-matchy thing.  They think it’s cheesy and I have to agree.  Nothing worse than seeing a couple walking together wearing matching outfits.  I mean, what other indication that a man is pussy-whipped than walking around in public wearing an outfit your significant other clearly picked out to match hers.  It’s sad, really.

In addition to watching the sporting events that are favorites of Reid’s, I’ve made it my mission to discover all I can about him and his interests so my office, as a result of this research, is littered with Pearl Jam concert ticket stubs, Big Daddy Love paraphernalia, and anything New York sports related.  I’ve got a Yankees mug that I purchased recently and it is the only mug I will drink out of when I’m at the office (It’s a great conversation starter).

I’ve also begun to watch his favorite shows – The Soprano’s and Breaking Bad – repeatedly, so that if I find myself in his office (as I do quite regularly), I can prolong our little visits by discussing the shows.

You might think my interest in Reid is a bit extreme, but I have to disagree.   All smart, goal-oriented women do this type of research when they find a man they are interested in.  It’s just part of the process.  You’ve got to show the man in question that the two of you have so much in common, you’ll never run out of things to talk about.

Now, you might think all of this “work” isn’t necessary but I assure you, it is.  It’s all part of the game we call dating.  I mean, I’m only doing what any smart women do.  It’s not as if I’m taking advantage of him somehow.  I’m not some lion about to pounce on the limping gazelle in the herd and eat him for dinner:  I’m just doing my best to show him how much we have in common.

So far, however, all of my work has produced very little results.  Granted, I’ve been moving slowly and cautiously so as not to scare him away.  Men like Reid tend be skittish.  Conversations between the two of us are kept to “safe” topics; the weather, the latest project we’re working, or as previously mentioned, the game that was on the previous evening.  Occasionally, I’ll ask about what he did the night before or what he did over the weekend.  In turn, he’ll ask about my evening or weekend, as the case may be and that’s an opportunity for me to allow him to get to know the outside-of-work Rosalie.  I reply politely but I’m cautious not to bore him with the minutia of my life.  Everyone knows that men really don’t have an interest in the things we women do so I simply answer Reid’s questions with as few words as possible, then turn the conversation back toward him.   He is always very pleasant and professional in our exchanges and I’m certain that as of right now, he has no idea how I feel about him.

And that’s just how I want things…for now.

I have to admit, when I first started working here, I wasn’t entirely sure this was what I wanted to do with my life.  After all, marketing isn’t what you think it is.  It’s not coming up with the next greatest Superbowl ad or finding a new Chihuahua for Taco bell. Sure, some people do those things but most of us are simply trying to find a new way to describe orange juice or a pen.  And because our advertising company only focuses on print work, we’re never looking at hot actors or cute little dogs.

It’s boring.  Well, mostly it is.  Admittedly, Reid and I spend a lot of time together discussing ideas and possible slogans and that part of my day isn’t boring at all.  Still, mainly we’re just trying to write a paragraph or two for a local business to use in their advertising and despite ogling my boss during the entire time I’m seated in his office, even I have my limits.

He does his best to keep me entertained though, and without even really trying.  Reid is hopeless at typing.  He’s one of those hunt-and-peck typists, only using his index fingers.  We always start out with him trying to type but then I end up pushing him out of the way and sitting down at his desk to take over.  It’s like we have our own little joke between us.

Now, don’t for a minute think that I’m not aware my quest with Reid isn’t without its hurdles.  I’m fully aware that the man is my boss.  If…when, when we are finally together, I will get another job.  And of course, I’ll do this before we tell anyone about it. If I can’t find something here in Winston Salem, I’ll look in another city nearby.  Like Greensboro.  Heck, that’s only thirty minutes from here.  Besides, while I don’t know Reid’s actual salary, I’m certain he pulls in a sizable one.  It just wouldn’t make sense for him to find another job; not with all the years of service he’s got with the company.

Oh, and there’s one other teensie-weensie bump in the road that prevents Reid and I from being together.

His wife.

Donna Small is the author of two novels; Just Between Friends and A Ripple in the Water, both available from Second Wind Publishing.  http://www.secondwindpublishing.com/#!donna-small/c1ewn


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2 responses to “A Little Tease…

  1. Nicely done. You break the “in media res” rule, but you do it so artfully that the reader scarcely notices it. Intriguing, tart and well written–typical Donna Small. And that hook at the end of the chapter is marvelous and dangerous.

  2. I like how you pull me in with romance moving so smoothly to obsession. It moves at just the right showed too, so I’m reading the next paragraph to see if she really… And the next…

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