Are you romantic? Or romantic?

January is almost over, and I’ve almost gotten used to writing 2015 on the checks.  Since weather in the Black Hills is always a little off from the rest of civilization, that means we’ve had beautiful 60 and 70 degree weather.  It also means that the annual Stock Show and Rodeo is coming up.

It also means that stores are filled with all things pink and red.

Which, to me, is more frightening than Halloween.

You see, I am not a romantic.

Well, lovers2at least not in the “wine me, dine me, we live happily ever after” way.  Then again, if you mean “romantic” in the Edgar Allen Poe, basing your writing on the Supernatural, I’m so romantic it’s not even funny!

But Hallmark and Hershey’s don’t have greeting cards and boxes of candy for human psychology and satire.

No.  No one has turned the original romantic movement into a multimillion dollar pseudo-holiday.

Dang it.

So this time of year, I avoid the big box stores like the plague.  When my husband thoughtfully asks what I want for Valentine’s Day, I stare at him, my mouth agape like a fish out of water.

After decades of marriage, he should know better than to ask, but ask he does.  And he doesn’t take shrugs and grunts for an answer.  At least not any more.

Truly, I have no idea.  My “needs” list is thankfully small.  My “wants” list isn’t too large, either, but has more expensive items on it.  Items that are too pricy to ask for.  Items that are too pricy for me to spend the same amount on him.

Don’t get me wrong!  I will get him something.  I always do.  And there’s about a 95 percent chance that it will come in a heavy cooler packed with dry ice and taste great on the grill.

And, hey, let’s face it.  I’d be fine with a box of good chocolates and maybe a coffee gift card.  Or an afternoon to myself.  Or even an afternoon of being in charge of the remote control.

But the idea of dinner and dancing?  I just wouldn’t think of it.  I mean, restaurants are packed on Valentine’s Day.  Don’t get me wrong, the idea of not cooking is good and I’m always up for a dinner that didn’t come from a drive-thru.

So, for this Valentine’s Day, like others before, I will avoid the red and pink romantic items, and stick to the supernatural-occult ones.

At least this way I can say I am a romantic, right

What about you?  How romantic are you?


Nichole R. Bennett has been an avid mystery reader from a young age.  Her novels, Ghost Mountain and Sleeping Bear, are available from Second Wind Publishing. When she’s not writing, Nichole can be found doing a plethora of crafty things, drinking coffee, or eating chocolate.  Which she does all year long, and not just in February.


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2 responses to “Are you romantic? Or romantic?

  1. I’m very romantic if you consider spending Valentine’s Day by myself doing whatever it is I do every non-Valentine’s Day romantic.

    It just dawned on me — I haven’t done anything for Valentine’s Day since passing out those cheap little valentines in grade school.

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