My First Post

Hello wonderful readers,

My name is Lindsay Luterman and I am the author of Mercy’s Sunset.

This is my first time writing anything for this blog.

I am not really sure where to start so I figured I would tell you all a bit about myself:

  • Currently, I am 19 and living in Boulder, Colorado.
  • I have been writing ever since I knew how to spell, and telling stories even before that.
  • I believe that stories are one of the great wonders of the world.
  • I am a yoga teacher and a Reiki master.
  • I self-published a series called the Escape series starting when I was fifteen years old.

When I first came up with the idea for Mercy’s Sunset, I was in the car driving along and the image of a girl running through the rain popped into my head. Instantly, she took on many personalities, holding more than one life. This was not the first time she had lived and it wouldn’t be the last. This is how Mercy’s Sunset came to be.

To checkout more about my books and my work, you can go to

This is just a first post for me, and just a quick explanation for all of the readers as to who I am and what I do.

Peace, Love, Writing

Always follow your dreams!



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2 responses to “My First Post

  1. Welcome, Lindsay, to the Second Wind stable. Congratulations on the publication of Mercy’s Sunset. I wish you the very best success with it. I’ll look forward to seeing more of your blogs in the future.

  2. Nice to met you Lindsay. I can relate to what you say about writing since you learned to spell, though my teachers would complain that I never quite learned – I’m still working on it. Congratulations on the self published series. Mercy’s Sunset sounds really intriguing.

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