Psst! I have a secret!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

Writing is hard work.

Well, maybe writing isn’t so hard.  I mean, you sit down and let the words flow, right?  That isn’t so hard.

writing a bookBut coming up with ideas is hard.  I mean, there’s the story that takes place on Battle Mountain that I need to work out.  Okay, so I want a story to happen on Battle Mountain.  I’m just not sure about the plot.

Even once the idea is there writing doesn’t get any easier.  For example, there’s the story that I’m going to write where the murder takes place at an unlikely tourist spot in western Nebraska.  I just need to figure out why the victim gets killed.

Once I have the location and the victim and the villain all sorted out, I still think writing is hard.  All those details!  Should Viktor be an old Russian mobster?  Or is his name really Alberto and he’s Sicilian?  Are Joe’s eyes a common brown?  Or are they golden-brown with hints of yellow when the sun hits them just right?  And how far away is the diner from the bookstore?  There’s a lot of details for someone who can’t remember to send out birthday cards in time to actually arrive in time for the birthday.

Then there’s the actual writing.  The sitting down and making the story progress.  After checking e-mail.  And Facebook.  And sending a tweet to let the world know I’m sitting down to write (#amwriting).

By then, of course, the dog has to go out.  And the cat needs to be fed.  Mostly because the dog ate all the cat food, but that’s probably not really important.

Back in my “office”, I start to write.  Then comes the melodic tones of the dryer.  Better get the clothes out before they wrinkle.  After the laundry is put away, I head back to the office and decide I might as well set up the coffee maker for the morning.  And go ahead and pack my lunch for the next day so that I don’t have to do it in the morning.

Those tasks completed, I get back to the computer, sit down and start typing.

For 10 whole minutes.  Until I realize that it’s almost 11 pm and I have to work in the morning.

So why do I do it?  Why do I spend some days staring at a blank computer screen waiting for the next burst of words?


Because I love it!


Nichole R. Bennett has been an avid mystery reader from a young age.  Her novels, Ghost Mountain and Sleeping Bear, are available from Second Wind Publishing. When she’s not writing, thinking about writing or avoiding writing, Nichole can be found doing a plethora of crafty things, drinking coffee, or eating chocolate.


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3 responses to “Psst! I have a secret!

  1. You described my writing process to a T! Minus the cat, only a dog.

  2. Nichole, I can relate!!! I find, though, that setting aside the same time every day helps me. My brain subconciously prepares for that work time and words and ideas usually flow when I begin. Happy brainstorming!

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