Wittering on about Twitter by Sheila Deeth

My sons used to complain that I “wittered on” about things. I thought of that this morning when my husband asked me why I “waste so much time” on Twitter. This inspired me to ask google for the meaning of “wittering on;” I learned it’s an English phrase, meaning “to talk for a long time about things that are not important.” Does that make Twitter a way to talk for a short time about things that are important?

Not knowing for sure, I decided to look at a file I keep of my random tweets. They don’t seem terribly important to be honest, but what do you think? This one comes fairly early in the file; I guess I was just learning to count my characters…

The twittering twerp has tweeted,

Work defeated,

Waits for twime,

While twiters twirl ‘n twype their twales.

This twit is falling off the rails.

Later there’s this:

I can’t believe you ran out of characters for your next novel. And don’t blame the birds. 140’s surely enough for any well-feathered romance

Hmmm–spot the missing character. I wax poetic again a few tweets later in the file:

If risk-averse, will write in verse, of risk averted. Dream.

Then numbers tell, the risk done well, is better than it seems.

Acrrual’s cruelty.

Then it’s back to prose (missing punctuation) with:

Brain the size of a planet, imagination like Magellanic clouds, and they tell me to brew tea and write the teapot’s biography: signed Marvin

But these are my everyday tweets–the ones I write when one or the other side of my brain needs a rest.

Which side of my brain writes & which is right, or is the other wrong? Right writing rights wrong dreams perhaps; a rite for writers? Write!

And these are the tweets I’m preparing for Infinite Sum, coming soon from Second Wind Publishing. They’re not 140 characters, but that’s because I’m leaving space for links and hashtags as when the novel’s released.

  • If you paint in red and black, will the truth be black and white?
  • Will yesterday’s song play forever in the paintings of your mind?
  • Who is the hardest person of all to forgive?
  • Is it easier to give up, or move on and live?
  • Why does the man in the painting have no face?
  • Depression for 1 year in 10? Get me out of that place!

Can you suggest any hashtags I might use, or tell me which tweets are more likely to make you click on a link? And if you’ve already read the book, I’d really appreciate any more tweets you’d care to suggest.


Sheila Deeth is the author of Divide by Zero, published by Second Wind Publishing. Her second novel, Infinite Sum, will come out soon. Meanwhile she’s working on numbers three and four–Subtraction, and Imaginary Numbers.



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3 responses to “Wittering on about Twitter by Sheila Deeth

  1. Wish I could add a helpful suggestion, but when it comes to Twitter, I just squawk. It moves too fast for me and the thought of being restricted to only 140 characters gives me goose bumps!

  2. Paul J. Stam

    Reblogged this on Paper, Mud & Me.

  3. Tweeted and Twittered… 🙂

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