Putting Things Behind by Linda Lindsly

Well, as I look back at the past year and all the events and things that took place in my life, I’ve come to realize that I have a lot more to do to complete what I started this year along with adding some new goals.

Surprised that I became an author and illustrator is a big deal for me.
As an acrylic artist, I painted many paintings big and small, some for fun and some for commission.  But then a painting suddenly became a story to be told and then more paintings followed and the story advanced and became a book.  My daughter said to me awhile back “Mom, you should write a book”. I thought  “nice idea but where do I start? ” and  I just left it at that.  Unbeknownst to me, that’s when the paintings became a story and a story  became a book.  The book, “Pia Pucknucker: The Mystery Of The Indian Treasure” was born.  It didn’t take long for the book to be published but to get it printed in soft and especially hardcover was challenging and frustrating. I still have no hardcover books and Christmas has past so all my hopes of giving my grandchildren  a book for their birthday or Christmas this year is gone.  But I look to the new year 2016 to be the year of breakthrough for my book.  Also, this coming year I plan to plow through the sequel of Pia Pucknucker’s next adventure.  I’ve already painted three paintings of which the story will evolve into.  Just can’t give out the details too soon.

I was also challenged by some health issues this year as well. In August I was diagnosed with heart failure.  This took a big toll on my body and my mind.  I thought “I’m too young for this!” But determined to live, I followed my doctors orders to a tee and took all my meds faithfully,  did cardiac rehab, finished that and joined a gym.  But I still had to face the depression I was feeling inside.  Glad to have family and friends close by and my art classes that I enjoy became a  therapeutic lifeline for me.  It’s amazing how a lot of creative people suffer great depression but it’s the creativity that comes out of them that can also give them their life back.

Alas! I received good news on my last cardiac echoegram.  My ejection fraction went from 30% up to 50%!  The doctor  said my heart has recovered.  I rejoice over this good news but am determined to lessen the stress in my life, eat well and continue to exercise so I can move on in 2016 and paint and publish more books.

So, after reflecting on this past year, I look forward to moving into 2016 with great anticipation to what is in store for me this coming year.



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