It’s Time For the Final Review by L.V. Gaudet

I have some delightful news to share.  I have received the final review file for The McAllister Farm; book two of the McAllister mini-series.  I have also been in communication with the publisher regarding the cover art.  This means The McAllister Farm is very close to seeing publication at last.  I hope I’ll soon be able to reveal what the cover is going to look like.  The excitement it tempered a little, however, by the knowledge that nothing happens very fast in the publishing business.




The McAllister Farm does contain a big spoiler.  So, if you have not already bought and read your copy of the first book, Where the Bodies Are, you will want to do that now.


Don’t worry; the story does not stop here.  I am working on writing the third book, which follows the twisted lives of, well you’ll guess who after you read Where the Bodies Are, bridging the gap between the first two books to bring the stories together in what might just turn out to be an explosive conclusion – either literally or metaphorically.  I haven’t figured that out myself yet.


This breaking news brings me to our topic today – doing the final review before publication.


What does it look like and what is expected of you?


I receive it in the form of a read only pdf file.  That is the file format used by Adobe Acrobat reader.  If you are like me and runner on the free version of Acrobat, there wouldn’t be much more you can do with any pdf file anyway.


You get the file as a read only for a very good reason.


Before you even query a publisher, you should have already put both yourself and your book through the ringer, tearing down and rebuilding through rewrites and edits, possibly even questioning your very existence.  Your book should be polished to absolute perfection; critiqued, been through the hands of beta readers, and have you feeling pretty darned good about yourself and confident in your book’s chances of success.  (Hint: this is what we tell ourselves, that we should feel confident.  But really, we all have that big white gorilla in the closet that we sometimes aren’t sure we should talk about – the fear that nobody will like our book and everyone will think it is absolute rubbish.)


After your book is accepted by a publisher, they will then have their editing/proofreading people take a stab at it.  They may require you to make revisions, maybe little things or possibly entire re-writes. Don’t take this personally.  They just want your book to be the absolute best it can be and have their own ideas of what that looks like.  Unless you too have published hundreds of books, it’s a fair guess to say they have more experience at what sells than you do too.


After all that is done and your book has gone through all the edits and revisions, and is polished to perfection once again, your publisher will have their people format it for print, both physical and electronic.


Now your publisher sends you that glorious read only file for final review.  This is your last chance to catch any mistakes, both yours and the editor’s, as well as any issues in the formatting.  You get a read only file so your publisher knows that you did not inadvertently monkey around with any formatting.  At this point, your publisher wants to have absolute control over all changes because they are ultimately responsible for the quality of the books they put out.


Carefully note any errors or changes, including the page number and location on the page to make it easier for your publisher’s editing people to find, and send that information on to them.  With luck, you will see your new book in print within the quarter. Of course, that all depends on how fast your publisher is, what kind of a publishing schedule they are working on, and about a hundred other factors, not all of which will be in your publisher’s realm of control.


Watch for these titles at Indigo Sea Press:

where the bodies are


Where the Bodies Are – (Now available!)  A woman is found suffering from a horrific attack.  Kept in an induced coma due to her injuries, both physical and emotional, she is the only known witness.

More women’s bodies turn up, left in places the authorities believe are meant to cause an increasing media frenzy.

Detectives Jim McNelly and Michael Underwood are tortured by their inability to stop the killer, each for his own reasons.  Jim McNelly is tormented by his failure to protect every victim, secretly grieving his wife, and taking each failure personally.  Michael Underwood feels a special connection to the victim, dubbed Jane Doe, her real identity unknown.

Only the killer knows who she really is, and her identity is what draws him back to her, within the detectives’ net.  Will they be able to stop him before he comes back for Jane Doe?  Before he kills again?  Maybe not.

One woman is still missing, her body the second shoe waiting to drop.  Katherine Kingslow is the killer’s best victim yet, aside from Jane Doe.  Held prisoner, Kathy lives in torment and terror, at the killer’s mercy.

Lawrence Hawkworth, a reporter of questionable morals, may just hold the key to finding her and stopping the killer.

There is a much darker secret lying behind the Jane Doe case, one that may ruin the detectives and everyone else touched by this case.


Coming Soon-The McAllister Farm - twitter







The McAllister Farm – (Coming soon!)  Take a step back in time and meet the boy who becomes the man who created the killer in Where the Bodies Are.  1981 to be exact.

The McAllisters are a secretive family, and for good reason.  Proud and stern, William McAllister rules both his family and his business with a firm hand and sense of strong morals.  The most important thing to him is protecting his family, second only to protecting the family business.

When William’s son Jason starts getting in trouble and bringing attention on the family, it is the beginning of the downward spiral of their world.  William’s reclusive and eccentric behavior makes him the prime suspect when someone starts killing local young women, guilty in the eyes of every person in the community.

His wife Marjorie, who does not handle stress well, is pushed in the middle of the growing animosity between the community and her husband.  Timid and nervously wringing her hands, she too wants only to protect her family, her children.

Can they keep their family and their secret safe?  They are the keepers of a dark secret that will continue with Jane Doe and the killer in Where the Bodies Are.


work in progress


Working title: The One That Got Away (title may change)  – This story brings the characters of Where the Bodies Are and The McAllister Farm together in a conclusion that will leave you wondering.

run awayEvents escalate in the search for answers.  Lawrence Hawkworth returns as he searches for answers to his own secret, one not of his making, one that haunted his mentor and likely caused his death.  It is a secret that may bring him closer to the secret behind the Jane Doe case.

Jim McNelly can’t let the Jane Doe case go, nor the bigger darker secret they learned in the woods behind the old McAllister Farm.  He can’t let go of the one who got away either.  Certain that Katherine Kingslow and Jan Doe are dead; he can’t rest until he can recover their remains and bring their killer to justice.

Michael Underwood is chasing down his own murky secret.  He returns to his past, drawn by haunting memories, down a twisted dark well that may lead to a revelation he will not want to learn.

All of these secrets lead towards the McAllister family and the events of 1981.


work in progress2


White Van – The white van is back.  This is a twisted tale that exists on the outskirts of the McAllister mini-series.  How many have heard real life urban legend tales of the white van?  Everything from missing and murdered victims to stolen dogs, and the always-elusive suspect white van.

white vanWhite Van reveals another piece of the puzzle in the secret behind the bodies in Where the Bodies Are.  A secret you will learn more about in The One That Got AwayWhite Van gives a glimpse into how much larger the secret is than you may have thought.




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4 responses to “It’s Time For the Final Review by L.V. Gaudet

  1. The very best of luck for success with this book, L.V.

  2. Hi Lori, I can sure identify with your comments; especially the following. “But really, we all have that big white gorilla in the closet that we sometimes aren’t sure we should talk about – the fear that nobody will like our book and everyone will think it is absolute rubbish.)” I am currently working with the formatted version as I make my final edits. I will have it ready to send off today. It was tricky trying to figure out how to submit those edits. I’m using an excel spreadsheet, making sure I reference the format versions page and counting down or up the lines. Hope that works. When I send it back today, gotta also make sure I include the Acknowledgements. I sent them this last time with my edits, but they are nowhere to be found in the formatted version. LOL Good luck!

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