First Robin

I saw a robin yesterday, the first one this spring.  Spring?  It’s still winter, isn’t it?  Anyway, the robin was searching around on a patch of grass.  There is still snow but it’s melting fairly fast.  I watched the robin with a smile on my face, glad to see this indicator that winter will soon be a memory.  The robin flew up and landed on one of my three arbors.  As I look around at the snow covered gardens, I began to anticipate the new growth of plants that I moved or new ones that I planted last fall.  Every spring is like Christmas, with plants that survived that I didn’t think would.  Or some that don’t make it, usually ones I nurtured last year.

The robin tells me that daffodils, crocuses and hyacinths will soon be in full bloom.  The forsythia will pop out in bright yellow and the lilac bushes will send out their sweet fragrant flowers.

The robin flew down to a different patch of brown grass and started pecking at the ground.  Then, to my surprise and horror, a hawk (at least I think it was a hawk) swooped down, picked up the robin and flew away.  Just like that, I lost my friend.

Now, it seems to me that the colors of spring will be a little less vibrant.


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4 responses to “First Robin

  1. Ouch! But what an amazing sight, beautifully told.

  2. I was enjoying your Robin right along with you when my mind screamed, “NO!” I now recall when, last year, I watched in horror, as a large bird swooped down and grabbed a baby duck out of the pond across from my house. Nature is beautiful and messy at times.

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