Working The Artistic Angle by Linda Lindsly

So I finally received more soft copies of my book “Pia Pucknucker: The Mystery Of The Indian Treasure”.  No hardcovers yet, so I decided to continue on with the sequel.  It’s hard to push ahead when the first book has not been completely completed, if you know what I mean.  So, here’s where the artistic angle comes in.  I decided to just paint my “scenes” for the sequel in the hopes that the story will evolve from there.  So far, so good.

Also I was sent an email from a company called VIDA  who invited me to submit my artwork to be made into scarves, tees, tops and different types of clothing.  Wearable art using my paintings.  So after I searched my paintings that I keep online, that I thought would make abeautiful scarf or top.   I designed four items that are now on the VIDA site.  If the pre-orders sell within the next 14 days, VIDA will make the products.  As an extra enticement, VIDA is offering the coupon code VOICES for 25% off of any preorders which makes these 100% modal scarves incredibly reasonable.   I’d like to share my collections which  connects my art all over the world with producers to bring my work to life.  For every product sold, VIDA  hopes to provide the gift of literacy to the makers  they work with.  .To view my collection visit




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  1. Wearable art. That’s intriguing.

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