The End, a Beginning

So here I am, three weeks until I graduate from high school and I feel very nervous but excited.

I passed my NA test so I am now a certified nursing aide! I feel as though that gives me some experience and a bit of background for a career in the medical field.

Speaking of my career, graduation means I’m ever closer to the day that I leave for BCT in the Army. Just last Saturday I went and had fun at the Kersey Valley High Ropes Course with the rest of my fellow Future Soldiers (which has left me sore, I had to roll out of bed this morning haha). I discovered I have a lot more upper body strength than I thought. But I still need to prepare myself physically for what is coming up so I’ve been doing some exercising. (Not as much as I should be doing but school is almost out so I can go running early in the morning.) I’m feeling ready for the challenge being in the Army poses.

I’ve had fun during high school and I’m going to miss all the people I met. I wish them all the best and hopefully life treats all of us well. I will be able to keep on writing, which is good because I have a stack of notebooks full of stories wondering when I’ll get back to them and finish them.

I’ll be going through many memories during my remaining time here at home. I’ll miss my family but all children must depart from the home to start their own journey through life. I have high hopes for my future and for those of my fellow graduating classmates.

Wish me luck!!


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4 responses to “The End, a Beginning

  1. Wishing you luck. Exciting times ahead.

  2. Best wishes for a future full of adventure and love, Abigail!

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