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Sisters in Crime Speaker Bureau by Christine Husom

I’ve been a member of the Twin Cities Sisters in Crime for a few years and reaped many of its benefits. Last year at the Midwest Library Association, we helped host a Killer Cocktail event which I wrote about in a blog about a year ago. One of the things we offered was a drawing to “win” a mystery panel of authors. Three libraries were lucky winners.

I signed up to be on the Sisters in Crime Speaker Bureau Panel, and traveled to the quaint little town of Grand Marais on the North Shore of Lake Superior last month for an event at their newly remodeled library. It’s a five hour drive–one way–but my life has been so busy, I decided to drive up and back the same day, with only a few hours to spend in the fine city. A shame, really because  I love Grand Marais–eating Chicken and Wild Rice Pizza at Sven and Ole’s, browsing through the shops, shopping at the Trading Post, sitting by lake, hiking the trails, having coffee and sweets with the breeze blowing off Lake Superior.

But those activities were from other visits over the years. Instead of sight-seeing, our panel was able to spend a couple of hours with the people of Grand Marais, which was a great experience. They were gracious and grateful that a panel of seven mystery authors traveled to their hometown to share the joys, frustrations, highs, and lows of the writing life. I truly appreciated the questions our moderator Dan Bernier, and the members of the audience, asked and answers the other authors had in response. I always learn so much from forums.

So thank you moderator Dan, authors Jenifer LeClair, Mickie Turk, Pam Leonard, Wendy Webb, and Jessie Chandler for your insightful, honest answers. And to the library staff for your hospitality and treats, the bookstore for selling our books and Grand Marais residents for making us feel right at home. I’m a sucker for Minnesota Nice.

I’m excited that I’ve been selected to be on the panel, “You Have the Right to Remain Silent” moderated by Jim Doherty at Bouchercon in Cleveland next month. I’m really looking forward to sharing the table with some fine mystery writers. Are any of you going to the conference? And have any of you been part of a Speaker Panel?

Christine Husom is the author of Murder in Winnebago County, Buried in Wolf Lake, An Altar by the River, and The Noding Field Mystery.


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