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Take a Bite Outta Crime – Part 34

Previously in “Take a Bite Outta Crime”

Drea & Kirk own a catering business. Margo & Tommy work for them. Oh, yeah- they’re vampires (except for Tommy who is, in fact, still human)

One morning, Kirk discovers that their fish supplier, Jay, has been murdered at his shop. After this, Kirk & Drea are robbed, their business is vandalized & their car stolen.

They decide to go to the vampire council, where they find out that several vampires have disappeared from photo shoots where they were working for Andres, the head vampire.

Andres has a new pet, none other than the daughter of the late, lamented Jay. Can her involvement and his be a coincidence?

Kirk and Margo go undercover to find out what’s going on at the modeling agency, but it’s Tommy who makes the biggest discovery – one of the gaffers tells him that people got ill after eating the food provided by the prior caterers. 

They are sitting about discussing this when Andres arrives unexpectedly…..

“Darling!” Carley rushed to his side. “What are you doing here?”

“I thought I should tell you someone else has disappeared.”

“Today? We watched everyone,” Tommy said.

“Who?” Drea asked quietly.

“Some technician. Not one of us. No one I ever heard of. I didn’t even know he worked for me.”

“Gene?” Tommy asked. “Gene Schwartz?”

“How did you know?”

“I talked to that guy! He said it had something to do with the food. People ate the food, got sick and never came back.”

“He’s right,” Carley said. “Vincent, all the others, ate and got sick. They went home early. The driver took them.”

“Driver?” Andres frowned. “I don’t hire drivers. Waste of money to keep some guy hanging about sucking down the free food and taking up space. Most of the time, they hit on my models and interfere with the workings of the shoot. Some of them fancy themselves models and want a gig. After one of them took a swing at the director, I quit having them about.”

“Really? There was always this guy hanging around who said he was the driver. Every time someone disappeared, he was there. Oh, my God! You mean he was the one taking people?”

“I fear so,” Andres said. “This is terrible. How did I not notice him?” He played with Carley’s hair, wrapping it around his fingers.

Tommy tapped him on the leg, directing his fixated attention to the younger man instead of the pretty woman.

“Because people like drivers are furniture,” he replied. “And when you’ve got a beautiful, new lady, the furniture disappears into the background. You probably saw the guy a dozen times and didn’t even know it. I think Gene disappeared because he talked to me. He told me what was going on. Had I known about the driver, I would have put the pieces together then. Now, he’s got to figure I’m going to figure it out eventually.”

“Making you a target,” Margo said, clutching his hand to her breast. “Oh, Tommy! I had so wanted to keep you out of this!”

“Why do you care?” Andres asked snidely. “He’s nothing. A mere human.”

“He’s something to me!” Margo flared. “How would you like me to say that about Carley? He’s no less important to me than she is to you!”

“You always let your temper get the better of you, Margo. You need to calm down….”

“And you need to shut up,” Carley said. “How rude is that? You belittle her relationship with a human, yet you tell me you love me beyond all others. I’m a mere human too, Andres, or had you forgotten?”

“Carley, I….”

“I want you to go now,” she said angrily. “Get out, Andres. I have to get up early. I don’t have time for you tonight.” She stormed out, slamming the door to her bedroom.

Margo cheered, scoffing at Andres. The elder vampire snarled, eyes flashing red. Margo smirked.

“Someone needs his beauty sleep. Go home, Andres. You’re behaving like a child.” She swished out of the room followed closely by Tommy.

The younger man had no desire to stay in a room with an angry 900 year old vampire. Kirk stood, stretching.



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Take a Bite Outta Crime – Update

I finally got some inspiration! Thank you Sheila Deeth & Chyrl Cristiano for your suggestions & Christine Husom for your confidence in me! Though I didn’t specifically use your ideas, ladies, it meant a lot to me that you cared enough to post. Thank you again!

Inspiration came from an unexpected source. I was watching a movie called “Dylan Dog: Dead of Night”. Not a very good movie, though it had some great actors in it. However, there was a moment in there that gave me an idea, so I started writing again. HOORAY!

Later this month, on October 24th, “Take a Bite” will return! It’s not quite over yet, but I’m getting to the end. The problem then will be, what shall I post next?

Ladies, thanks again. If you’ll contact me via Facebook or send an e-mail to dellanioakes@yahoo.com I will send you the next installment for you to read before anyone else gets to see it.

The rest of you will just have to wait! ~ Dellani

Dellani Oakes is a slightly confused and not quite but almost entirely crazy author for Second Wind Publishing. Her books “Indian Summer” and “Lone Wolf” are available at http://www.secondwindpublishing.com, Amazon.com, Smashwords and bn.com



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Something from Nothing

I’ve known for an entire month that I had to have a blog post ready for today. But since this month has somehow managed to be even busier than the months before it, I didn’t get anything prepared. Go me!

Some of you may know that I’ve been posting sections of a story, “Take a Bite Outta Crime”. You may also know that I ran into a snag and wasn’t able to finish it. Going completely against Larry the Cable Guy’s axiom “Git ‘Er Done!” I can’t. I got nothin’. To be perfectly honest, I haven’t even thought about it in the last month.

So, here I sit knowing that I need to have something to post here and also knowing that I can’t. I got nothin’.

I guess it’s a form of writer’s block, which I can’t say I’ve ever really had before. Not in any serious, paralyzing sense anyway. I might run out of ideas for a story I’m working on, but I go on and work at another project. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work like that. I need to finish this story. Those few who have actually read it deserve a conclusion. The characters need closure. Heck, I need to know where my mind was taking me! (Besides the loony bin, which my husband says isn’t too far a ride.)

I still got nothin’. Maybe next week, when I have my second blog post day of the month. Perhaps by then I’ll have had some amazing inspiration and be able to finish my tale of the vampire caterers who solve crime. Maybe by then I’ll know who’s to blame, what their motivation is and how I’m going to get my characters out of the pretty pickle they’ve gotten themselves in…. Or maybe I won’t.

In any case, I did get an entire blog post out of talking about nothing, so I guess it only goes to prove you can always get something out of nothing.

Dellani Oakes is a slightly confused and not quite but almost entirely crazy author for Second Wind Publishing. Her books “Indian Summer” and “Lone Wolf” are available at http://www.secondwindpublishing.com, Amazon.com, Smashwords and bn.com

© 2011 Dellani Oakes 

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Finding the Perfect Ending

Some of you have been following my story, “Take a Bite Outta Crime”, for the past few months. I appreciate your comments and support, thank you! When I began posting “Bite”, it wasn’t quite finished, but I had every intention of finishing it before it got this close to the wire. Well, it’s not done yet. Why? I can’t find the perfect ending.

See, I set up this story, laid the groundwork for the characters, gave them a mystery to solve, only I couldn’t ever really decide who the bad guys were or how they were going to solve the crime. That being the case, I’ve got them poised on the verge of discovery—with nothing for them to discover.

Awkward, to say the least. So, here I am at the end of what I’ve got written, but not at the end of the story. For those who haven’t read it all, or who have forgotten, here’s a quick summary.

Previously in “Take a Bite Outta Crime”:

Kirk & Drea own a catering service. Kirk goes to find out where the fish monger, Jay, is, because “Bouillabaisse for 300 doesn’t make itself.” Kirk finds Jay stabbed in his freezer & calls the police.

Drea has a mysterious visitor. This spooks her because she’s afraid their secret has been discovered. (By the way, they’re vampires) Their home is vandalized as is their business.

They finally resort to going to the vampire counsel for assistance, only to find out that many of their friends, also vampires, have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. They decide to pose as models & caterers at the photo shoots so as to infiltrate the modeling agency & track down the villain.

So, where do I go from here? Who’s the villain? Perhaps more than one. Why have the vampires been targeted? For what evil purpose have they been captured, perhaps killed? What did Jay know? Why did he have to die? And why can’t Bouillabaisse for 300 doesn’t make itself?

You see my quandary. I can’t answer any of those questions. If I could, I’d find the perfect ending, finish the story and Bob’s your uncle. But I can’t.

I appeal to you, my fellow writers and readers. Help me find the perfect ending! I have no real incentive for you other than to promise that whatever ideas I borrow to finish the story, I’ll give the contributors a byline at the end. (I’d love to be able to award you fiscally, but that’s not in my current budget.)

Please either post your comments below, or e-mail your ideas to dellanioakes@yahoo.com Please be sure to put “Take a Bite Outta Crime” on the subject line. Even if I don’t use your idea, I will mention you by name at the end of the story.

Dellani Oakes is a slightly schizo author whose novel “Indian Summer” is published by Second Wind Publishing. Her second novel, “Lone Wolf” is coming soon, also from Second Wind.


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Take a Bite Outta Crime – Part 32

The time has come to face the danger head on. Armed with impeccable fashion sense and great style, Kirk and Margo brave the lion’s den of the modeling world.

 “How will you explain this?”

“I’ll think of something,” she replied. “Fanatic group targeting Wiccans or something. You don’t mind that, I hope?”

“Drea and I have been many things over the years. Wiccan, among them. No, we don’t mind. That’s actually a good cover. Thank you, Sandra.” Kirk kissed her hand.

“You’re welcome.”

“We owe you much,” Drea said. “If you can help us solve this, we’ll cater your wedding for free.”

“I’ll do my best, even without that,” she said, smiling. “It’s my job to help good people.”

They went back to their hotel with a young man who was a civilian worker in the department. He was very talkative when he found out they were caterers. He loved to cook and was working as with the police until he could afford to open his own place.

“You hiring?” He asked as he opened the car door for them.

“We might be at that,” Drea said with a smile. “We’ll let you know.”

“Thanks.” He grinned, saluting as he drove away.

“We don’t need him,” Kirk said with finality.

“If he’s any good, we do. Need I remind you when you and Margo are playing detective, Tommy and I are still fulfilling our contracts. The work is split among four. It will be hard with two, easier with three.”

“You have a point.”

“I’ll be careful, love. I promise. And Tommy can be relied upon to be discrete.”

“Also true. All right. Call him and set an audition…. or interview, whatever you want to call it.”

“I’ll conduct it. You’ll be too picky.”

He chuckled, conceding her point.

© Dellani Oakes 2010


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Take a Bite Outta Crime – Part 30

Sandra took a deep breath, exhaling slowly. “Go ahead.”

Drea allowed her fangs to grow slowly. Her features changed slightly, becoming pale and hollow cheeked. Her eyes were no longer their normal blue, but an eerie red tinged brown.

Sandra’s eyes grew wide, her nostrils flared with fear. She backed away, her hand reaching for the door. Kirk gently touched her arm, but she flinched away. Drea changed back quickly. Dizzy, she staggered back a step. Kirk placed a capsule in her hand. Putting it under her tongue, she relaxed as the medication hit her system.

“You’re—vampires?” Sandra breathed huskily, quickly. “My God! It’s like a nightmare!”

“No,” Drea said. “Not us. Whoever is hunting us, they’re the true nightmare. Our people live on synthetic blood. We take medicine to control the blood lust and never turn anyone without their consent.”

“How do I know I can trust you?”

Drea smiled benevolently. “We’ve taken you into our confidence, Sandra. We haven’t attacked you, nor do we intend to. However, that man you’ve arrested has killed at least one person and is either responsible for, or has knowledge of, the kidnapping of at least a dozen more.”

“Do you think that the others are dead?”

“I fear so,” Kirk said. “What reason would they have to kidnap them otherwise? They haven’t asked for ransom.”

“I’m confused,” Sandra admitted quietly. “You have to admit, this is a lot to absorb like this.”

“We understand completely,” Kirk said. “Believe me, it wasn’t easy for me to accept when Drea first told me.”

“He threatened to tell,” Drea added. “It wasn’t easy to keep him quiet without hurting him. It took all my persuasive power to keep him from waking the entire household.”

“She put up a very convincing argument,” Kirk replied with a sly grin. “She took off all her clothes.”

Sandra laughed loudly, the fear gone from her. “That would about do it. Most men are pretty easy to convince when you’re naked.”

Drea giggled. “Not that he got to do more than look—I wasn’t modest, but I certainly wasn’t a slattern. I had to promise to come back for visits. We talked for hours at a time and eventually, we fell in love.” She brushed Kirk’s hair from his brow.

“It was at that point she offered to turn me. How could I refuse? How often is a man given the chance to be with his soul mate forever?”

Sandra couldn’t conceal a little sigh when he kissed her. “You make it sound so romantic. Don’t you ever…? I mean, aren’t you tempted…?”

“To drink human blood?” Drea asked. “Not often, unless we skip our medicine. Then, we’re no better than the animals who prey on humans. What sets our group apart is that we found ways to live in harmony with humans rather than use them.”

“I promise to look into this,” Sandra said. “I’ll help you find them.” She squinted at them a moment, thinking. “You know, I think I might be able to help you. We can set up a surveillance team to watch you while you work undercover.”


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Take a Bite Outta Crime – Part 29

The face before her was unmistakable. It was the man who threatened her in the shop. Clutching Kirk’s arm, she sat slowly on a stool.

“That’s him. I know that’s him.”

“Take a closer look at the others as well.”

“Of course. But I’m sure.”

None of the others were right. Number Six was her man, Drea was positive. Sandra gave instructions to the unseen listeners once more and the men were dismissed.

“He’s been detained,” Sandra told them. “He’ll be taken back to the cell block shortly, so we’ll wait in here until that’s been done.”

Someone in the hallway yelled loudly. There was cursing, hollering and confusion. Sandra told them to stay put, picking up a nearby phone.

“What’s happening? I see. Thank you.” Frowning, she hung up. “Just confirmed his guilt, I’d say. He tried to get away. He’s been arrested for assault on an officer. I don’t think you’ll have anything more to worry about.”

Drea and Kirk exchanged a long, penetrating look. Drea cleared her throat, shrugging. Kirk nodded.

“Sandra, we have reason to believe that he may have information in the disappearance of some of our friends.”

Sandra stared at them, confused. “What friends?”

Sighing, Kirk told her the names of their vampire acquaintances.

“Have all of them been reported to the police?”

Having the assurance of Heinrich that they had, Kirk nodded. “We belong to a rather special organization. We believe this man and his compatriots may be targeting us.”

Pursing her lips, she sat on the edge of a table. “There’s more you haven’t told me. I can keep a secret. Whatever this is about, I need to know. If some organization has become the target of another in my town….”

“Thing is,” Kirk said quietly. “I don’t know if you’ll believe us. And even if you do….”

“If you do,” Drea continued. “You may not want to help us.”

“What? Are you devil worshipers or something?”

They shook their heads.

“I think the best way is to show her, darling,” Drea said. “I’ll do it.”

He nodded. Drea took several steps back from Sandra. “Whatever you see next, realize that I won’t hurt you.”

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Take a Bite Outta Crime – Part 28

Drea scanned the lineup carefully, looking for a familiar face. Although they all fit the basic description of the man in their shop, she didn’t think any of them were.

“Could I hear them speak?” She asked quietly.

“Certainly. What shall they say?”

“Blood pudding or Steak Tartar.”

Sandra raised an eyebrow, but leaned over the microphone. “Number One, step forward and say ‘steak tartar’.”

“Say what?” The man looked confused. He stepped forward. “Steak tartar,” he stumbled slightly over the pronunciation.

Drea shook her head. Each man stepped forward, saying the same words. Only one, Number Four, sounded close to right.

“Could Number Four say something else?” Drea said. “I’m simply not quite sure.”

“What would you like him to say?”

“I know your secret. You can no longer hide.”

Sandra gave the instructions. The man stepped forward again, saying the words rapidly.

“He has to say them like he means them,” Drea said.

“Repeat them, with feeling,” Sandra instructed.

Drea closed her eyes, listening. The man cleared his throat, then spoke in a menacing tone. Drea shook her head.

“It’s not him. It’s very close, but not him.”

“Thank you. This group can go out.” She turned to Drea. “I have another group. Would you like to see them?”

“Yes, please.”

The others filed in. Drea waited while they took their places, her eyes closed. One man tread on the heel of the fellow in front of him. The trodden upon man complained loudly, growling at the man behind him.

“Watch it, bub! Pay attention, huh?”

Drea stiffened, her eyes still closed. “Which one is that?”

“Number Six.”

“Have him say the phrase, please.” She kept her eyes closed.

Sandra gave the instructions.

He stepped forward, speaking loudly. “I know your secret. You can no longer hide.”

“That’s him. I’m sure of it.” She opened her eyes.

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Take a Bite Outta Crime – Part 27

Kirk and Drea were similarly engaged, reassuring one another. Soon after, they fell deeply asleep until the phone rang around 2:00.

Bleary eyed and angry, Kirk answered. “Mph?”

“Mr. Nunne? It’s Detective Perelman. Did I wake you?”

“It’s okay. Did you find out something?”

“We’re still tracking down leads. However, we did get a fairly good match on those prints we found. We pulled in a few suspects and have a lineup. We’d like you and your wife to come down and take a look.”

“Sure. When?”

“Is 3:00 convenient?”

“Yeah. We can do that.”

“Excellent. I’d be happy to send a ride for you.”


“They’ll be at your hotel in 45 minutes.”

“K. I’d better wake Drea then.”

“See you soon.”

“Wake me why?” Drea yawned and stretched, the sheets sliding aside to reveal her breasts.

Kirk had to control his urge to make love to her again, knowing they were on the clock. He explained as they showered and dressed.

“No breakfast? I’m starving.”

“Room service,” her husband said. “We’ll get botulism to go.”

“Order something portable while I put on my face.” She went into the bathroom to put on her makeup.

Their breakfast came a few minutes before the car arrived. Kirk had ordered coffee and a variety of pastries. They found the food surprisingly good. The coffee was perfect. They filled insulated mugs that Drea had bought for them, taking that and the rest of the pastries in the car. The driver was grateful for the rolls.

“I missed breakfast,” he admitted. “Got a new baby at the house and she kept us up most of the night. You got any kids?”

“No,” Drea said rather sadly.

She remembered the fact that she’d had a daughter once, but the child died long ago. The Black Death claimed young and old, rich, poor, healthy or weak. Her child, 10 years old, died in 1350 as it swept Europe. Drea nearly died herself. Had Andres not turned her when he did, she would surely have joined her daughter. The illness left her unable to have another child.

“Sorry, I guess I touched on a bad subject.”

“It’s just, we weren’t ever able,” Drea said softly. She blinked away a tear.

“I apologize,” the driver said. “That’s what I get for opening my big mouth.” He didn’t say another word the rest of the ride.

Drea and Kirk were ushered into the station by their driver. They were checked for weapons and taken to the inner sanctum of the building where they were met by Detective Perelman and Officer Scott.

“We’ve got quite an array to show you,” Sandra said. “If you’ll follow me.”

They walked into a quiet, dark room. A large window dominated one wall. In front of them was a well lit room. Horizontal black lines marked heights on the wall.

Sandra spoke to someone by microphone telling them they were ready. A door in the other room opened and a wide variety of men filed in.

“They can’t see or hear you, so there is no need to be afraid,” Sandra assured them. “Do you recognize any of these men?”

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Take a Bite Outta Crime – Part 26

“No. You stay out here.”

“But I don’t really know anyone else!” She looked terrified. “They frighten me!”

“Do you think they’re going to bite you?” Margo was incredulous. “Silly child. What do you think Andres means to do? When you marry, he’ll turn you. Or he may turn you first.” She shrugged. “One way or the other, you will become one of us.”

Carley stared after them, trembling uncontrollably. The others stared at her for awhile, but soon lost interest. They were more concerned with what Kirk had said than anything a 23 year old girl would do. The youngest among them was well over 50 human years. They cared very little about a mere child.

The meeting of the security team went for hours. They made plans, discussed strategy and tactics until sunrise. Many of the vampires were day sleepers, but Kirk had made it clear that this habit made them vulnerable. He insisted that they all begin taking the medication that he, Drea and Margo used. It was an unpopular decision, but a necessary one.

When they left the library, they found Carley asleep with her head on the buffet table. Someone had tossed a blanket over her shoulders. Drea suspected it was Silas. He had a very tender spot for young women.

Margo, Drea and Kirk headed home grateful to have that night behind them. They had no pressing engagements, so decided to stay closed for the day. Margo went to her apartment while Kirk and Drea went to the cold sterility of their hotel.

Tommy was awake and frantic when Margo got in. “Where have you been? I called a dozen times at least!”

“I should have told you that my phone won’t work on the compound. They have a dampening net set up to cut down on unwanted attention.”

“I’ve been worried sick!” He held her close, kissing her.

“I’m sorry I frightened you. Come, reassure me for awhile, then I must sleep.”

Tommy chuckled. “Reassurance, is it? Allow me to reassure you how much I love you, how desirable you are, how beautiful. Shall I reassure you more than once, my sweet?”

“Once for now, my darling boy. Then more when I wake.”

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